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  1. H_Eart(h)

    Olympic Park

    It looks like a girls only trip The newlyweds have no plans for a honeymoon?
  2. H_Eart(h)

    Frequency Heels

    I'm pretty sure the answer to this question would be useless to you
  3. H_Eart(h)

    Frequency Heels

    According to the canopy bed, I'd guess you are you know where....are you?
  4. H_Eart(h)

    Seasons Change

    So I find it very funny, it looks like a maxi bottle for perfume or some device as it was 100 years ago in pharmacies. https://ibb.co/mRBfTkd
  5. H_Eart(h)


    What it is a BTS look?
  6. H_Eart(h)

    Adorable Teal

    And then something "like this" happened or is it really you?
  7. H_Eart(h)

    Adorable Teal

    No one has ever told me what I'm adorable about.
  8. H_Eart(h)

    Looking Forward To

    Can you show up all in that outfit?
  9. H_Eart(h)

    A Closed Door

    And where did you get it "sitting at the door of another house"? It's not what you call it and in many cases I understand. Maybe you have a relationship with the thing, maybe you don't want to keep buying new things, which in my opinion creates a lot of waste!
  10. H_Eart(h)

    Invisible Trauma

    It would be useful to do the whole episode on this topic
  11. H_Eart(h)


    What's that noise or banging? Is something in the house being built or remodeled?
  12. H_Eart(h)


    I thought you only cook Tamales on special occasions.....is it such a day today or was I wrong?
  13. H_Eart(h)

    Taking For Granted

    To be honest, I don't really know what "take for granted" means and even the translator didn't help me much. Can anyone write it in similar words? Thanks.
  14. H_Eart(h)

    Waterfall Benefit

    Wow, this is an amazing place, I like it. It looks like in the dream or a vision I had where I paddle under a waterfall. Enjoy it! I don't have a link but according to some sociological research they are the happiest or most contended people in the world in Costa Rica. You're there, I'm here.....and there must be also reason for that from a higher perspective, right?
  15. H_Eart(h)


    I thought I knew what the word "overwhelmed" meant something like overloaded. But somehow it didn't seem like it, so I look at the dictionary and there are a few meanings.....which don't make much sense to me in context. It doesn't matter, I'll write what I wanted to write.
  16. H_Eart(h)

    Childhood Story

    The topic of popular movies has been here recently I understand that it would be good to get a clear answer because of a deeper analysis and the circumstances, but I can not give you that. I don't know what I saw or read first, nor am I sure if I would call something an "obsession". I spent my childhood during the communist era, so the composition of television shows was completely different from that in Western Europe or even North America at the time. I don't remember properly, but there weren't that many channels to choose from at the time. I was lucky to catch a Polish TV signa
  17. H_Eart(h)


    I might say where I was staying and in whose hot tub I relaxed, or as I scrambled up a hill one day without realizing that right on the other side of it was a house with the symbol of the sun in the gable....but that would be a little hardcore, right?
  18. I'm almost halfway through, it's interesting. A little difficult to understand without subtitles. So far only women, but this is not surprising The big ring on your left hand, you don't normally wear to events, do you? The sound in the background, the crowing of a rooster you know it, but what's there?.....it sounded like a speech by Fidel Castro
  19. H_Eart(h)

    Game Of Pretend

    Can you be more specific?
  20. H_Eart(h)

    Happy Mother's Day

    Yesterday morning I arrived in the village early, I was arranged with friends like this, they also wanted to take advantage of the weather and go for a ride on a motorcycle. So we cut the wood, it was dry beams from an old building.....I love the smell of that wood, it's so slightly resinous. In about an hour we were cut, then we chatted for a while and then the friends left, I went home to the garage for an ax and started chopping wood. The weather was beautiful, I was in no hurry, I knew that in one day I would not be able to do it all anyway, I was cutting it into quite small pieces.
  21. H_Eart(h)

    Happy Mother's Day

    I know today is Mother's Day, a few days ago they said it on the radio I was looking for a suitable picture in the morning, but nothing seemed just right to me, so only verbally "Happy Mother's day". I'm going to write.
  22. if I miss the possibility of physical harm, which you certainly don't ask, then it can hurt me a lot if someone close to me doesn't believe or trust me.
  23. H_Eart(h)

    Lucid Dreams

    I probably didn't quite understand it, so I didn't notice that Blake was telling and mentioning the name of the film. Fortunately, quite often there are people who enlarging or recall it in their posts. I downloaded and watched the film, I really liked it, there are a lot of fundamental issues that are being addressed there. Many things seem to be contradictory, but it is probably due to the degree of awareness and the possibility of understanding. Thanks for the tip PS: the realm of dreams is amazing
  24. H_Eart(h)

    Lucid Dreams

    Where are you driving at that sentence "to project our reality to other people", what exactly do you mean by that?
  25. H_Eart(h)

    Teal's Resistance

    Yesterday I saw a post, a link to YT scenes that are supposed to be funny (o.k., it's a matter of taste), but what I knew in the first moment was that your T-shirt with frequency painting acts there.
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