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  1. H_Eart(h)

    Life In One Word

    BTW, did you know that Teal is also color? It's nearly the same as my underwear today ;o)
  2. H_Eart(h)

    Life In One Word

    Glitteringblackandmattblack ( childhood and the rest )
  3. What I felt today was little bit different, but Teal has right (THANKS)! I personally do not remember the last time I really felt deeply excited, ardoured, enthusiastic. How could I forget? I will try dosing it daily....I will mix it into my blood 1:1
  4. H_Eart(h)

    Brain Healing Day

    Pecan nut I really like, I ate them in the last two weeks about 1,5 kg They looks more like an alien brain but they have a much softer taste as walnuts (they looks more like a human brain).
  5. Thanks for writing.....I heard it several times, but I was not sure about the word.....I heard always something like "eathers"
  6. H_Eart(h)

    Liver Flush

    This about make-up I can confirm. In my previous job in car industry we make lot of tests. One of them was a resistance of plastic parts to common hand cream and sun lotion. Often was the result horrible, the surface of the part was after warming up corrode or etched. And you can imagine, what is the effect to human skin if this can simply damage a plastic part!
  7. H_Eart(h)

    The Puppies

    Dog watching today's DU......dogs queue tomorrow in front of the Teals house
  8. H_Eart(h)

    Regular Job

    Mike, about TF.....do you mean something like this? ;o)
  9. H_Eart(h)

    Regular Job

    Mike, you was there?....O.K. Then show me your palms full of calluses and wide-eyed face ;o)
  10. H_Eart(h)

    Get Unstuck

    Don not worry, the Mercury backpack on my back looks full and heavy, but it is not so bad ;o) Maybe could Teal do a frequency painting on this Mercury theme, which seems quite important.
  11. H_Eart(h)

    Wash Your Vegetables!

    Lifelong?.....lifelong of my life or lifelong of lifelife? ? O.K., now I understand it, but one thing I do not like......it sounds like work without a little fun ;o)
  12. H_Eart(h)

    Regular Job

    There is a cave and there is another cave in the cave, there you will find all the weapons you need.....enter at your own risk, because you will lose the map in the dark on your way back ;o)
  13. H_Eart(h)

    Positivity Crystals

    Please, can you add to the list a yellow stone too? Trojan horse sitting on a restless caldera?....funny ;o) God b-less ₳merica! Happy and funny lunar eclipse ;o)
  14. H_Eart(h)

    Regular Job

    Haters? Here?....why they should pay for a premium account? And this matter with TF?....I think is it a never-ending game without rules ֍ Are you sure, that you have the right weapons and enough ammo for your "new sport"? ;o)
  15. H_Eart(h)

    Wash Your Vegetables!

    Levitating?.....I tell you secret, my surname is Zeppelin ;o) You know, to be a little bit or little bit more "dramatical or theatrical" is part of my self ;o) Cold shower is maybe a good idea, I did it many years ago but then I have stopped with it. Walk without shoes?....maybe together with afirmation or additional mental work will this help....for a moment. I can not confirm that I understand you 100%, is it little bit hard to understand this "process" in english for me. You supose that by me is it just actual or coincidental situation?....no, is it long term state....state of being even. ....and now I am in the mood of joking ;o)
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