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  1. Quite interesting. As a mainlander who has lived here for three years, and who lives with a local man born and raised here who does not have native Hawaiian blood, my perception of the dominant "positive" and "negative" energies are simply two sides of the same coin: extremely high turnover, which is directly the result of the volcano. The two sides are fertility (akin to your "blossom") and death, which here, is often violent and premature. Yes, I feel the "exclude" energy (I am only as "in" as I am via being in relationship with a local), but honestly I sense death and violence far more strongly. Young people die here at an shocking rate compared to the mainland. Often, these are through ultimately self-imposed means: drugs, accidents related to extreme sports and not taking precautions, and violence among youth. Physical hand-to-hand combat is BY FAR more common here than anywhere I have lived on the mainland. It is routine for people local to this land (both native and of non-native blood, but raised here, and both men and women) to physically fight one another. Often it is quite effective. I have come around to respecting it, in a way. The volcano is at the core of it all. And while the volcano's creation and destruction is slow, on a geologic timeline, make no mistake: it is absolutely violent.
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