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  1. ddwanaka

    Taking Requests

    I would love to hear your personal stories about the experiences you've had and will continue to have that led to the wisdom you share on the video...I want to understand you more. E.g. "OMG you guys...I was doing X yesterday and I got triggered AF by a comment someone made. When I did parts work later that day I found Y and Z and discovered a desire I was repressing due to guilt and shame for wanting it..so I've set an intention to X and Y, revealed my vision to myself and I now I want to share that vision with you. In my vision I am X, Y and Z...by being X, Y and Z it means I am ab
  2. ddwanaka

    Support Network

    This unlocked within me a desire to develop tensile strength...the ability to absorb energy without fracture. Profound.
  3. ddwanaka

    Robotic Behaviour

    How many 'choices' are you conscious of making when you create a frequency painting? I would guess very few...because you're in a state of 'choiceless' awareness as it comes to life. Determinism just is and your paintings are testament to an extraordinary intelligence working through you that bonds us all...an intelligence capable of creating the machine that creates machines...and has therefore conceived of our highest individual and collective potential long before we recognise our potential to express it. Ask and it is given...as long as we decide not to choose not to receive it in favour o
  4. ddwanaka


    My contingency plan is to punch myself in the face...followed by punching other people in their faces. There is an abundance of faces in this world...none of them capable of punching themselves.
  5. ddwanaka

    One Virtue

    Understanding FTW...unconditional presence a close second.
  6. ddwanaka

    The Tea Room

    I can feel the tenderness in your words being directed inward...the level of understanding you've gained of yourself is extraordinary and to be expressed in this way is nothing short of masterful.
  7. ddwanaka

    Enmeshment Trauma

    Enmeshment is a kharmic echo from when we genuinely existed as one without awareness of other. In the same way existence began disentangling or disintegrating itself from its integrated state in order to know itself...we are a vehicle for exactly this pattern to continue to continue undolding through our own process of disentanglement enabling self-realisation.
  8. It found its way to you at least!
  9. ddwanaka


    I am superior to my nephew at making a cup of tea. It is obvious and accepted by us both...therefore when I express my superiority it is received by him as love and I allow myself to express my ability to its highest potential. If one day he gets triggered by the superiority of my tea making then he is in resistance to being inferior. Likewise one day if he tried to show me his tea making was superior to mine he is simply seeking validation for superiority that likely exists as potential but he has yet to validate (realise) himself. In this scenario...the day he just makes me a tea in silence
  10. I collected an obscene amount of basketballs. It was a weird denial type of reaction to my body degenerating.
  11. ddwanaka

    Returning Home

    Home is the zero point...where all existence is of no matter and I recognise myself as the pure potential to realise even more of what I have come to know that I Am...patiently awaiting the meaning that gives rise to a new form of matter I Am yet to remember that I Am.
  12. ddwanaka

    Family Shadow Side

    You should have titled the video "Your parents are dicks."
  13. That's incredibly inspiring. Nothing more powerful than storytelling.
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