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  1. ddwanaka

    Seeing The Gift

    What's the good news? That my perspective is invalid...again...and I need to change it...again? The person freeing the trapped animal doesn't care about it's perspective. The person is responding to their own desire to express compassion and mercy. If the animal bites them they know exactly why because they understand the animal's perspective.
  2. I still catch myself prodding people to change from time to time...and I hate this as I can't stand it being done to me. Accepting incompatibilities is super hard sometimes but the sensation of being accepted wholly is so much better than relentlessly reconciling conflict and neediness day in and day out. Looks like you guys have got it nailed.
  3. ddwanaka


    Totally...the tricky part is remembering that choice is the action that holds the meaning that shapes matter...it has nothing to do with moving our body around...unless that's what we decide to do.
  4. ddwanaka

    Total BS

    From my experience, the only thing that causes forgiveness is to deeply understand the pain of the perceived perpetrator of my pain. This also works for me in terms of self forgiveness when I explore my own guilt for causing others pain in the past...and in past lives. The moment I allow myself to feel the pain driving the behavior I instantly feel compassion which always leads to mercy and ultimately forgiveness. Once this happens it's done forever as it's impossible un-forgive yourself once it's done. The same goes for others who have seemingly caused me pain. Forgiveness always happens once
  5. ddwanaka

    Call To Action

    My personal view is that we express what we do in the way we do because it feels authentic to us. If we stop to check how that may be received by others first then what is ultimately expressed will be a corruption of personal truth. The reality is we can and do cause each other pain but we have to acknowledge the cruelty within ourselves rather than mask it with a positive intention. I am cruel...mostly to myself but also to others, especially when I feel betrayed, lied to and oppressed. In those scenarios I have no interest whatsoever in finding a positive intention...only revealing truth. Wh
  6. ddwanaka

    Mine For Positives

    Wonderful stuff
  7. ddwanaka

    Rap Music

    This is easily one of my fav hip hop tracks of all time. Insane collab between Busta Rhymes and Method Man. A track made for no reason other than than demonstrating the full force of their gifts...sublime! LISTEN HERE
  8. ddwanaka

    Rap Music

    Just when I thought you couldnt get any more awesome...this is so on point. The theme of overcoming adversity and the attitude that comes with that is the absolute best sh*t ever!
  9. ddwanaka

    Teal's Spirit Mineral

    My spirit mineral is cheesecake
  10. ddwanaka

    Denial and Depletion

    Thanks Teal...I needed to hear that
  11. ddwanaka

    Nurture Today

    Nurturing yourself just means...allow a desire to arise right now...and provide it for yourself without analysing whether it's right, wrong or impacting anyone else. Gentleness has nothing to do with it unless that's what you want. E.g. you may spontaneously want to go to a boxing class (which is not gentle)...allowing yourself to do it is what makes it nurturing whereas you may convince yourself not to on another day for a multitude of reasons such as...price...studying...putting your friends and family's needs first etc.
  12. ddwanaka

    Teal's Son

    Wow. You're doing an incredible job...in so many different ways.
  13. ddwanaka


    Loved that...such a good metaphor. Thanks Teal
  14. 100% Stick to the title that was intended by the writer. "Luminous Face of Loneliness" is meaninless and devoid of intelligence. The title has to be what the author intended...it is a distortion otherwise.
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