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  1. After reading this comments fast: isn't it not more about feeling with our own inner compass which information teal (or someone else) gives, feels like a benefit in our life on that specific moment or not. I find it hard to judge this with the third marriage thing... I'm myself now in my first marriage and I get to feel every day how freaking difficult it is. I see it as that she has a little bit more of experience with it already and afterwards tries to share as authentic as she can, to put her insights into information for us. There was also a blogpost about this authenticity and boundaries which I found really interesting. I'm just really thankfully how teal her information helps me a lot. And try to be with everything conscious and question it if information is on the moment beneficial for me in my specific healing process or not.
  2. Zus Dours

    The Dark Crystal Series

    I would really like more information about how you can take good care of the teeth. There are some in my mouth that hurt and my dentist wants that I do this tooth cleaning thing but they work with fluoride which doesn't feel good. It feels that the filling of older holes in my teeth should get out. But no dentist will leave it open I think... I feel in so many ways with the medical world completely stuck because doing nothing doesn't feel right but the way traditional doctors work also doesn't feel right. Next to this. I wish teal much healing for her teeth and think I will try this series
  3. More of this! Thankyou! This was litterly my unconscious question of the last days that got answered here! ❤
  4. Zus Dours

    Not Ready

    That was one of my fears to inscribe me for the cp training. Still it feels I should do it one day. I can imagine how it also feels not nice for you teal!
  5. I just searched in your blog articles to read this blog again and feel a little bit understood. I wish to come this month to America for the completion process training. And I wish next month to do a singing retreat. But I'm a mother. My husband leaves tomorrow for 5 days to do a retreat. I just started to cry when she got awake after her afternoonsleep because I fell asleep sleep with her, so it meant when she got awake that I didn't had cooked already and didn't took time for me. I want to find out what my purpose is here in life. It's pretty clear that even if I love my child undiscribely much, that household and being a mum is not my life purpose. Even if I have a husband who really helps. We still live in this society where also he grew up in, so next to understanding he also doesn't really understand what I feel. I cannot just do what I want and see my child cry and scream mommy I need you. It hurts me too when I would do it. I need 3 copies of me who help me taking care af my kid. Or I really just need another caretaker of my kids where she feels as safe with as with me. This immense struggle is so difficult. If my hormones starts to think about a second child. It's the complete tiredness that makes me clear that the only way possible for a second child is in a community. Thank you teal! I share your big wish. And am so happy you wrote about this! Thankyou!
  6. Zus Dours

    New Lights

    Hi Teal, Teal team and other premiummembers. I got today really catched in this feeling of loneliness/disconnected/it feels not real when I was with some other moms and their kids in one of the moms her garden. This question becomes so big. Is it really that this other mummy's feel do happy with their life and am I the only one who is now going through all this shadow work? I actually always thought that the other people are as damaged as I am but maybe they don't know it yet and they're hoping know better ways. But now I start doubting. Probably this is not the right place to put this question but watching this update made me become able to bring in words a little more what I'm feeling now.
  7. Me too I'm from Belgium but live now I Germany. There is in august I think a curveball retreat in the USA. I heard teal and her team are planning to come to Europe again. So maybe also with a curveball retreat or cp training.
  8. Zus Dours

    Mother's Day

    Thankyou teal, this is exactly how moterhood feels for me too. And when I heard you speaking about it 1 year ago it gave me so much validation. No one is ever ready for the pressure that comes with motherhood ? Thankyou for also being a mum and recognising this! For all other moms: happy mothersday! ??
  9. Zus Dours

    Self Esteem Matrix

    I am really exited about this frequency painting and about this new episode ????
  10. Zus Dours

    We Are A Herd Species

    I love this knowledge! I was stugging so much when for a year and 4 months my daughter got born. I was really happy but in another way it felt so lonely. I sat there every day caretaking my daughter, alone and every day I was waiting and looking at the clock untillike my husband would came home from his work. He actually made it really worse by saying that it was not okay that I felt so lonely. The discovery by than how teal says that we ate just a social species and that it's normal that you need people around made it much better! I thought there was something wrong with me before that I didn't feel happy, raisin my daughter alone. I really need to think of the saying: it takes a village to raise a kid. And it's such a bif example how Teal does it with Winter and her community. And that is my plan too... to create a community! Thankyou for this video! So much
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