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    Teal's Childhood Home

    I own a pally they're my favourite coat colour usually
  2. Cassandra82

    Free Will

    This is definitely the theme of my life at the moment, thank you I made a big realisation because of this update. Yesterday I decided to go in the direction of relief and I woke up today not upset when I usually do! Even though I’ve heard Teal say it before, I realised in myself yesterday consciously that I am always grilling myself over something that needs to be done and I never actually relax, even if I sit in bed all day. Sitting in bed feeling relief vs stressed is, very different ? all I did was actually give myself as much permission as I could to sink into bed and relax, and played some relaxing piano music. It helped me get to sleep too ?? The difference in myself the next day is amazing. Take time to truly relax people ! ?
  3. Cassandra82

    Wind Down

    I resist enjoying things especially when triggered because I become even more aware of the fact that I’m suppressing my trauma (working on that!). But this show called The Saddle Club always helps and it’s basically my dream life, nice caring people who love horses, beautiful landscapes to trail ride, it’s a horse riding academy and the vibe of the show is so sweet and I love it. I’d love to replicate this with a community of people who love spirituality, healing, horses and freedom one day ? Oh my god that’s actually my dream life!! Imagine camping in beautiful places with the horses, sitting around a campfire with the people you love and the ones who are being healed all together under the stars ? I need a team to build this with me !!!
  4. Cassandra82

    We're Our Parents

    I’m so glad this is the focus right now, wow. I was dealing with a split that is my dad the other week, and both sides of the split was him. I was a bit confused, I was wondering if I was playing off these splits by thinking they are ‘not me’ but now I see I was right, his consciousness is literally just in me. I kinda knew but, now I know ??
  5. Cassandra82


    Has Teal ever commented on what a phobia of ghosts and experiences like what they talked about are? This fear of mine is honestly terrible
  6. Cassandra82

    False Humility

    This triggers me because I get/got this too from my mum never actually wanting to listen to what I have to say, as well. About topics like this. I have such pure intentions and she cant feel it. All I want to do is help her. If people can’t feel your energy/intention in the information conveyed there’s little point in trying. Shouldn’t “trained professionals” be aware when they are projecting? You’d think ?
  7. Cassandra82


    Thank you Teal
  8. Ahhh this is reassuring for me, this totally sums up someone who moved here who I see as having these same traits but it seems others don't see this. (this person is a spiritual presence on youtube)
  9. Omg I love seeing Teal in a live setting! ?
  10. Cassandra82

    Tidying Up

    I needed this thank you!
  11. Cassandra82


    I have that same blue plate! ?
  12. Cassandra82

    Splits In The Body

    My nose is broken so each side of my face is more different than usual. I figured it had to do with fragmentation. If someone breaks their nose or even a part of their face, what can that mean?
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