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  1. Well, if the energy of those haters is like the energy of anti-abortion protesters, I can see why I dislike them so much and feel like their arguments are not very good. Not even properly researched. I really don't like that they try to affect people's subconscious and not their conscious mind, I feel like people are much more vulnerable on that level. I hate that they use fear and try to scare people away from you, Teal. That's so low. Actually I think I hate your haters. Or maybe "detest" would be a better word. Like cockroaches. And they scare me because they are bullies. I wish there was some kind of force to... I don't know. Punish them or something like that. I don't think that'll happen though and that sucks. Well, if that might help you feel even a little better, it looks to me that they are so angry not because there's something really wrong with you but because there's something really right. Wishing you luck or patience at the moment doesn't feel good so... if I can help in any way, ask.
  2. Love you, Teal! Just to show there are a lot of people that do!
  3. OMG! Teal have just said I can go to Hogwarts! YEAAAS! Bye, guys, I'm otta here! Lol Seriously though, love you, Teal! That's the best news ever!!!
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