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  1. Congratulations Blake, Juliana and the entire community! Such a beautiful story and journey for all involved and it is clear how much this means to you Teal
  2. Blue Valentine. It's a really heartbreaking movie in ways but I feel the two main characters sum up my positive and negative attributes, my feminine and masculine attributes and how my journey towards love (especially self-love) has shaped my personality as a whole and made me view every single thing in the context of relationships. It's basically a movie that is predominantly centered around shadow aspects and I think if you can understand someone's shadows, you are being given a great opportunity to see their light too!
  3. stephanieeilish

    Rap Music

    I love this Teal, I've seen rap music being bashed a lot on social media recently for the reasons you highlighted and it has made me feel quite sad and angry as a fellow rap lover, but I understand why people feel that way as there was a time when I had resistance to it too and was quite ignorant to how beautiful an art form it is. I'm so glad to hear you say what you had to say on it! It is an extremely empowering and truly authentic art form, and has been a huge part of my spiritual healing journey as someone who really needed to inject more yang and self-empowerment into my approach to life.
  4. I really had to think about this because I think it's changed over time. The trait that used to get me most in trouble was my tendency towards socially-prescribed perfectionism. I wanted to be seen as good and I let it override my authenticity. It held me back from saying what I really felt and doing what I really wanted to do, and made me extremely codependent. What usually ended up happening was me being insincere and being caught between opposing forces (such as what someone else wanted or believed and what I wanted or believed). Someone always got hurt as a result, including myself. It wasn't admirable or functional at all! But then I had a mental breakdown and realised how dysfunctional that was. And now I am way more honest and that gets me in trouble now. I still have some perfectionistic tendencies which means even when I'm being honest, I'm hyper-aware of how it will be perceived if my honesty doesn't fit the status quo or, as you say, isn't what people want to hear. And I think it has made me a lot less popular. But I like myself so much more now. So yeah, it used to be perfectionism, Now its honesty.
  5. stephanieeilish

    False Humility

    Totally. When you start learning this stuff it seems so obvious and you can't imagine why it's not common knowledge, or at least common knowledge in the psychology world. The good thing is, along with Teal, there is an emerging community of psychologists who are starting to abandon the limitations of what they have been taught and what they have been teaching, to instead place more emphasis on shadow work and childhood trauma in their healing work. Like you say though, most of those people have acknowledged their own traumas and that's partly what makes them so able to do that kind of work. But hopefully, in time, this will birth a whole new accepted school of thought in modern psychology (or at least that's our wishful thinking)!
  6. stephanieeilish

    False Humility

    As a Psychology graduate with several years of working with mental health... I totally 100% agree with this. Just days ago I turned to my husband and said "Why in all the 4 years that I studied Psychology, did no one teach me about childhood trauma?". And I don't mean overt abuse. I mean all the kinds of trauma a child perceives as traumatic. The relational stuff. It baffles me how surface level my psychology degree was in hindsight. The psychology field is treating everything by looking at the symptoms and trying to fix them. Hardly anyone is delving deep enough to understand the root of those symptoms. I'm so grateful I found your work as it's what I feel I needed in my life to understand myself, and to believe that I can help others through my work without leaning on the psychology field and going back for pointless postgraduate degrees.
  7. I have had bladder issues for the past 6 years. It has been a non-stop source of extreme mental and physical pain. A few days ago I had pain in my back following a dispute and immediately linked it to my adrenals rather than my kidneys despite someone telling me it was in my kidneys. Watching this made me cry. There are still things I don't fully understand but this is probably the most powerful content I've ever come across in my quest to understand what has been going on with me...

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