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  1. I had a most intense and powerful CP session with Matthew. On the same day, I already cried about my heartbreak for the first time, so when I talked with him, I felt I didn't need to do CP ; however this was far from the truth. He directly guided me to tune into my heart with his reliable voice and presence. When I reached my heart, I cried and saw my heart was bleeding uncontrollably. I was able to trust him fully at the moment. When I went back to original memory, I re-experienced my ancestors' pain when I was in my mother's womb. Matthew was there with me completely for such a painful process. He is a highly intuitive and knowledgeable. I meant to experience this heavy pain in relation to helping many people in Japan, so he helped me gain huge progress. I highly recommend him as I am CPCP too. He is very talented and dedicated to do CP at such a deep level. He is such a beautiful soul and is always available to help others. He helped me a lot in my past. I deeply appreciate and respect Matthew
  2. Tom guided me through such an intense CP session. I requested specifically about my money resistance issue. I expected that this session would go smoothly, however my intense emotions emerged uncontrollably. Tom was very present unconditionally with his gentle voice for me. I was trying to avoid my heavy emotions, which is my coping mechanism, but he helped me calm down and let the emotions come out fully. I couldn't get through this process without his professional perspective and strong intuition. I have a trauma involving my grandfather and father which caused my negative core belief about money, and he understood me deeply. In fact, I was be able to open my heart and follow by his incredible guidance. When I was in my safe haven where I could create money abundance using Tom's creative ideas, surprisingly after that I got small cash flows. I believe that it worked slowly but surely because I now have less resistance about money! I love that Tom helped me feel security about my trauma! I sincerely appreciate that Tom transformed one of my deep wounded parts completely! He is such a reliable, gentle and wise Completion Process Facilitator. I highly recommend him?
  3. Sounds great! thank you. My dog(Lhasa Apso, 13 Lbs) is 12 years old guy, he is very quiet and good behave. :)
  4. Thank you for inviting me. Could I bring my dog there? I live in Brooklyn near prospect park
  5. Hello, I'm going to training to be the completion process practitioner with Teal and other future CPCP in Park City in April. After I get the certification, I'd like to practice with people who are interested in trying with me. Let me know!