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  1. Super helpful tips here. Thank you guys, love you! For me an example of things in my list would be learning new things. Also exercising.
  2. That is truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Thank you for this message today and for not taking sovereignty for granted. I believe that's one of the Biggest privileges one can experience in this physical life.
  4. Thiago Pessanha

    Lucid Dreams

    I got to become able to do this lucid dreaming asap so I can meet up with Blake and Teal on a regular basis. How awesome would that be?
  5. Thiago Pessanha


    This is awesome! You're awesome!
  6. It's always such a great feeling to have an update from you Teal. It's nice to be seen, heard, felt and understood by you. Love, always
  7. Great one! Thanks Teal!
  8. "This is why I don't teach you about esoteric shit... it does not matter... the dysfunction on this planet is because you do not connect with each other." OMG! That whole segment was so enlightening, THANK YOU!
  9. Thiago Pessanha


    I've always loved open spaces and the wilderness even though I grew up in big cities and felt cramped all the time. Still live in a big city and I'm not a fan. If I could I'd move to the wild wild West.
  10. These are so cool. My favorite daily updates!
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