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  1. I have had some experiences with this, at my wife's grandmother's house. Every morning we hear footsteps coming down the stairs, like work boots, at the same time everyday. We believe it's someone who keeps going to work who isn't aware they are dead, we think they probably died suddenly in an accident on the job site. I think a very sudden death may cause a sort of supernatural glitch, where the soul doesn't process the separation. I don't know how long it takes to remedy the glitch, maybe the angels do it. It is rather disturbing to think your reality would consist of the same thing over and over like a broken record. "Hell is repetition, in our hearts, I think we know this..." --Andre Linoge, (Storm of The Century)
  2. authorofdarkness

    what is Nin-Ti?
  3. authorofdarkness

    Underoath -- Reinventing Your Exit
  4. authorofdarkness

    If the people screwing you over are family, you will have to limit your time with them, or cut ties. I cut ties with my parents for over a year before things could be civil again. If they are friends you need to really look at each person and ask yourself "How does this person make me feel about myself?" And choose your friends accordingly. We worry won't make new friends, this is really a baseless fear. If you are nice and genuine you will make new friends, I promise. I've been there. Leaving toxic friendships is hard but very worth it. I don't think you are "weak" I think that's how introverts are viewed, but my wife is an introvert and is very powerful. The thing introverts often do poorly is assert boundaries, that's the problem. To assert boundaries you have to know your own boundaries, so make sure you have a clear understanding of what boundaries you have. Another piece of advice I give introverts is to turn the golden rule around "make sure others treat you as you treat them..." mostly because introverts are ones who get stepped on. All in all you sound like a good person, don't give up on yourself. I can feel you are really just an awesome person going through a hard time. Things will get better with time, they always do
  5. authorofdarkness

    Change must come in its time, no amount of harassment will make that time come any sooner...
  6. authorofdarkness

    It isn't. I met my wife in high school and when we were introduced, we didn't even talk a minute but after I left I knew she was the woman I was supposed to marry and lo and behold we got married after she graduated and are going to celebrate 6 years of marriage this October.
  7. authorofdarkness

    Mine consists of mostly: 15-30 minute meditations, talking to my spirit guide, listening to spiritual lectures (mostly Teal Swan and Alan Watts) and reading books on spiritual matters that I find interesting. I would say its similar to Zen, the religion of doing without trying to do. The practice of not practicing.
  8. authorofdarkness

    When I had my awakening, I understood the necessity of the ego socially and therefore felt no reason to dismiss or deny it. I saw beyond it but chose to keep it. It's like Alan Watts says "When you understand that this life, this ego, is just a game, you're free to get as lost in it as you want...."
  9. authorofdarkness

    Visit from Teal or Hallucination? Has anyone else had Teal come visit them during a meditation, and if so what was it like? It happened to me today for the first time, it all seems so wonderful and surreal, I have to wonder if it was real or just a hallucination....
  10. authorofdarkness

    Nope, we live in a time where people speak their beliefs and are insulted, bullied and ostracized for them, authenticity is very far away....
  11. authorofdarkness

    About once a month I bury my crystals in the ground and let them recharge and reconnect with the earth's energy. I usually leave them there 24-48 hours. Yes, crystals can get "tapped dry", especially if you use them for healing or rejuvenation frequently. It also depends where you get them, you can use discernment as to whether they need to be or not, based on the energy you get from it. If it feels clear, you're all set, if not cleanse away
  12. We had a very mild winter here in Maine, the birds have come early, which I don't mind. Lots of rain and clouds, no snow left. Very odd for Maine...
  13. oh my god this is so me!!! To Teal or Not to Teal that is the question... I said to myself today "You know I miss Teal's forum...." So I come back on and see trolls and manboobs, and boat windows, and alarm systems.... WTH is going on here?