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  1. Acting out of despair is not coming from a good place
  2. peileppe

    Don't run too fast, be friend first - see how he is, know him better Once you've talked together over dinner, during long walk, at parties, etc ... you will know
  3. peileppe

    Now what you are going through does not sound like love - it sounds very troubling. You know how a night insect is attracted by a bright light, it sounds like that
  4. Hello Flyn23, You can not force anyone to love you or another person - not matter how much convincing you would put into it. Now, in this situation you are trying to prevent a breakup - this is massive effort you are contemplating. In this place you are putting yourself, you might end up being hated by both of your friend, by trying to influence them - maybe they will reject you. Another important thing is: you can only change yourself - trying to change other people is not working. Best would be to find your own happiness, not depending on them - set them free, don't think that only if they are together as a couple you could be happy. Have a nice day
  5. peileppe

    Karen is a great listener, I enjoyed her calming presence and wisdom. I booked 5 sessions - talking about personal issue first, and relationship issue later. After each session I felt better, quieter, understood. She is a very good guide, very good at redirecting the conversation and detecting the underlying issue. I'm very grateful and honoured to have had the privilege to receive her guidance and suggestions. Thanks very much Karen
  6. peileppe

    Thanks a lot for all the messages, thinking about it again, the decision I made was to protect myself from shame @Garnetit was long ago, and I'm not in contact with this person anymore @Mark Joseph Middletonit is fine - I didn't understood that comment, maybe there is a deeper meaning there @BloomingLotusthanks for pointing the false belief issue, I was young and didn't know better - maybe clarify this idea that only peace exists - I never heard that before
  7. peileppe

    Guilt from taking a decision that led to suffering
  8. Guilt - because the fault was mine Hello, I just finished the Completion process book in about 3 days - already seeing the great potential of this method - but after facing a few minor memories discovered an aspect of me suffering from ... a decision I made (or series of decisions) - nobody else was to be rescued but me as I was the victim and the perpetrator It was about not allowing me to express my feelings to someone - which I realize now caused an emotional blockage I felt the blockage first, and uncovering the cause - got stuck in guilt Any help for this scenario? Thanks Cheers P