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  1. Thanks for this great answer, I'm grateful for your explanation Basically, if this model does not work for me - that does not mean it is untrue (or true) It just means, I should have the courage to write my own version of what I feel could be the right model.
  2. Thanks for your comment - could you share some examples, of this amnesia?
  3. Reverse the situation - what if that was you and he saw you presumably cheating. Then reverse the situation again - what if somebody you didn't know saw you going with another person (and that somebody would be this person best friend) Use Byron Katie's method - the work
  4. Strange belief in the sculptor in the sky book I"m wondering about this idea - that is implicitly placed at the beginning of the book - that there was a "perfect" place above (in an higher dimension) where we originally come from - before coming to Earth, a place where we are making plans and talks with guides (or ancestors) about our upcoming mission on Earth. and then we forget everything upon arrival and we are sucked in the negativity .... what are your thoughts on that?
  5. peileppe

    practice Ho’oponopono, instead of saying something you feel would be insensitive or hurtful - I'm saying this as you said - With Ho’oponopono, you address the feeling, but you do not fall for criticism, insensitivity or being hurtful - you heal and stay in alignment
  6. peileppe

    All I see is opposite needs: 1. not trusting women 2. having sex with women but you can't conciliate the 2 needs - this is common problem - only Thanos can solve this
  7. peileppe

    Come to term with the libido - the source of the issue in the first place What is surprising is the part when you say "disgusted by women" - like women are part of the libido problem, but not the solution to it? what is your story for this?
  8. peileppe

    Don't run too fast, be friend first - see how he is, know him better Once you've talked together over dinner, during long walk, at parties, etc ... you will know
  9. peileppe

    Now what you are going through does not sound like love - it sounds very troubling. You know how a night insect is attracted by a bright light, it sounds like that
  10. peileppe

    Thanks a lot for all the messages, thinking about it again, the decision I made was to protect myself from shame @Garnetit was long ago, and I'm not in contact with this person anymore @Mark Joseph Middletonit is fine - I didn't understood that comment, maybe there is a deeper meaning there @BloomingLotusthanks for pointing the false belief issue, I was young and didn't know better - maybe clarify this idea that only peace exists - I never heard that before
  11. peileppe

    Guilt from taking a decision that led to suffering
  12. Guilt - because the fault was mine Hello, I just finished the Completion process book in about 3 days - already seeing the great potential of this method - but after facing a few minor memories discovered an aspect of me suffering from ... a decision I made (or series of decisions) - nobody else was to be rescued but me as I was the victim and the perpetrator It was about not allowing me to express my feelings to someone - which I realize now caused an emotional blockage I felt the blockage first, and uncovering the cause - got stuck in guilt Any help for this scenario? Thanks Cheers P