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  1. This is what I was talking about it. We are going to be in a business of gold refining and exporting. If you have any buyer or someone related then please let me know
  2. Luck

    Lol. True it is. I would replace hyenas with foxes/jackals in that line
  3. Anyone in precious metals business? Guys, If you are somehow related to this trading business or know someone related pls ping me
  4. Luck

    @Wayne Williams Are you doing any of the things that she is doing? I am not doing so I dont keep any rights to criticize. Do you know how much it takes to find the ultimate truth and then share it with people inspite of few ungrateful people trying to attack her? Its too much! So, have respect for someone who is a saviour of many and who is also trying to be there for everyone through her every video where each of her word is precious and its brilliant. What is the problem in doing homework for few people? If such people dont like her then let them search for another guru. It so simple! Why to kill yourself? If she gets famous and some people dont like it then pls let them look within. What do you think, how long she will stay famous? Everyone dies one day, so let her live and spread the knowledge. Is that okay?
  5. Luck

    I understand myself that I am on the path of learning and teaching and that is my joy. On the positive side: I am knowledgeable, powerful, pure, loving, happy, blissful, peaceful naturally On the negative side: I am ignorant because I am being led astray by someone, I am weak because someone has induced fear in me, I am impure because someone has thrown dirt in my mind, I am unloving because someone has put conditions to receive/give love, I am unhappy because someone has not satisfied my desires, I am miserable because someone has placed obstacles in my path, I am turbulent because someone was turbulent in my vicinity. My purpose of life is to meet ascended and more evolved people who believe in their natural qualities and receive love, joy from them. And to meet that 'someone' and remind him about his natural qualities and give love to them and have joy.
  6. Luck

    Thanks for validating some good points of Jesus! What happened to that woman's family back then? Could you please vent out more...meanwhile I decide the Title for the autobiography.
  7. Luck

    I wonder how you lived your life so far! And what is this cold place called where people die early? However, I sense things are getting better than past. You have so many things to tell and I just hope that all your near ones know and trust you for what you have said and what you haven't said yet. I dont want to suppress my opinion that your father made a mistake by having an extra marital affair. He couldn't have predicted the consequences of meeting his own needs outside the marriage when he already had a child at home. I guess this is bad bad side of meeting your own needs when others in your home are not prepared for it or elevated to the higher consciousness. This is sad and I cant hate that other woman more than now. She didn't think of a well-being of a poor and helpless child before breaking the home. This is sin and I remember the ten commandments at the moment. Very difficult to forgive and integrate. I just feel everything so very deeply.
  8. Luck

    When I first replied to your post or asked the question, I thought you are an estranged person but you are not, at least you are staying with your mother. I also thought that you value yourself a lot because you see your birth-date all the time and normally for some people they identify with their birth-date. I felt that was the need not being met in your life. You seem to be a very sorted person plus you have a therapist on your side. SO, I am sure that you will get reborn soon and live your lost childhood and youth once again but in a very happy way. And how can say you have lost your youth?!....Not acceptable at all. There is plenty of life ahead. Be a child from today itself. I will celebrate your birthday today itself assuming you are reborn today already. When the next time you receive money as a birthday gift, ask for more and buy a ticket to India. How is your father and how often do you meet?
  9. Luck

    You are a very intelligent person, very emotional and sensitive. And no matter what I write here, please have faith that I deeply care for you and I wish a miraculous solution to your problems. We are educated fools and we have learnt the languages to express ourselves and because everyone is not expert in using proper words (fyi I am not a native English speaker, So I may make mistake), we can get confused or misguided by the words spoken by many people. Its not only through the words that we can communicate or show love. There are other ways too. But if we are stuck at receiving proper words for empathetic connections then we may not succeed in every relation, because everyone is not adept. Besides, an angry listener spoils the flow of the conversation. If you are loud then you need to look deeper that you are not being understood and as a Teal's fan you must know that Teal never shouts but politely puts forward her perspective. Now, why do you became loud those days? You were louder at only yourself and not your parents. Because you didn't understand yourself and was stuck at your own limitations and you couldn't take the limitations of others. They reflected your own limitations. Everyone is limited in their capabilities and they are at certain level of awareness. Not everyone is like Teal. For me to become a Teal it will take another life. For your parents might be 2 lives or more. It is better that we dont compare Teal with our self and so many other people. And always remember that whenever we shame others, we must know that we have already shamed ourselves. The solution to this is to upgrade ourselves with Teal's knowledge and be confident and own her work and then start discussing in the family and friends. There will be at least one person in your family who will respect you as you. In my case it is my brother. Make a team and have a close bond and share the wisdom with other people whenever you get the chance. It is a slow process coz you will face lots of resistance from others. But make sure you dont show any pride. God doesn't like it. Be humble and be curious. If you think everyone is capable then you have to strike the right cord. As long as you have the opportunity with your mother, start speaking wise words with love. It is not always acceptable that we keep on receiving from others. In every relationship there is give and take. We need to give love to receive love. Give understanding and receive it. It is as simple as that. That is why I was telling yo about karma. There are 3 types of it. Even teal says we have contracts and we chose our life before we are conceived. So, I can talk about it. It was our choice then we should own up to it and understand that the challenges that are given to us are merely a learning process. Send love into the universe and you will start receiving it. Send rejection and receive rejection. It works on both the levels, conscious and subconscious too. Karma works in that way even on a routine level. Despite, people give whatever they are capable to give and also whatever you are capable to receive. Money, words, soup, gift, time etc. There is always something involved in the dynamics of relations. I am reading your life and giving you my words is also the sign of love that I care for your happiness. And I can not see you this way. Teal is on a mission and it must be supported by others. What I understood from Teal is work on yourself and simultaneously on others. This is what she does all the time. Your parents may not understand but now YOU understand, you have the tools. So, teach them. Who know's Teal's parents! But she had forgiven them and moved on. You mentioned that you go to a therapist. Could you please tell me if that is useful really?
  10. Luck

    Hmmm...I understand. Do they know your feelings? Do you show it or hide it? I normally show it instantly whenever someone upsets me. Now, in your life many years have gone by and you might have dropped all the expectations from them. The important thing to remember is to release the expectations. The timing of the expression of your disappointments was important. They didn't understand and you might have silently expected from them. WE need to understand that some people are really not capable and they might be the victims themselves. Now, I suggest that you have to understand them and show love whenever the next opportunity comes your way and close the traumas one by one. Also, you need to find a loving partner who is also patient enough to spend great deal of time to integrate all the broken parts within you. caused by your own relatives. Do you have any meaningful relationship at the moment, where you are focused totally? Remember 'Love can erase all karma'. I know, its wrong to use this word here, since Teal doesn't believe in karma and she totally believes that we can have any life path choices at any given moment but for ordinary people like us its difficult and it will be difficult for one more generation imo. So, fall in love and fall in love with yourself before that.
  11. Luck

    There is always a starting point to this. What happened?
  12. Luck

    Yeah. I am totally with you on this point and wishing that we get lucky all the time.
  13. Luck

    Hi Scot, nice to know that yo are going through similar process. I get your point. I gave these suggestions to 445 because I read he/she is living a lonely life and I couldnt take it. I felt there are so many wonderful people and why cant one venture out and experience the diversity of life and choose something that matches? You are absolutely right in your cautions given to me/others. I thought about it before I could reply to you. I thought about the addiction point of it, and I felt it is true to some extent. We should not go to the extreme end of the scale. I agree. And same time we must not lose ourselves and our connection to our self. You are a very wise person in my opinion.
  14. Luck

    In my experience everyone is capable of intimacy. We need to elevate our perspective to a god level then everyone is intimate with us. If you dont have specific one in your mind then you need to go out and interact with lots of people. At least one person a day. I have met so many different types of people and I hava made many intimate connections that i feel sometime that its too much. Yesterday itself I met a guy who works as a tailor and after 10 minutes of talking we became very good friends. He showed me the factory where 100s of people work to make clothes. We had lunch together, smoked, wished all the best and said goodbye to each other. Today, I am going to meet a guy who is doing PhD in engineering. Lets see what happens. Bdw where do u live?