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  1. Haha

    @Wayne Williams Are you doing any of the things that she is doing? I am not doing so I dont keep any rights to criticize. Do you know how much it takes to find the ultimate truth and then share it with people inspite of few ungrateful people trying to attack her? Its too much! So, have respect for someone who is a saviour of many and who is also trying to be there for everyone through her every video where each of her word is precious and its brilliant. What is the problem in doing homework for few people? If such people dont like her then let them search for another guru. It so simple! Why to kill yourself? If she gets famous and some people dont like it then pls let them look within. What do you think, how long she will stay famous? Everyone dies one day, so let her live and spread the knowledge. Is that okay?
  2. Haha

    When she says she cant afford it to keep the suicidal people in their center then I think its a money problem and enough money is not being generated. I feel the group is not organized in that way. I was expecting some initiatives from her headway foundation but there is nothing at the moment. Sadly!:( I thought other than the books, workshops, trainings there need to be some more initiatives internationally. 4200 members across the world can really do wonder if everyone gets together and start building a company in any field that is selected/given. Charity is not a big deal if there is plenty of money. We can take care of these suicidal people. To start with, we can donate, purchase books, attend/arrange workshops. If we seriously take this as a mission then nothing is impossible. Who knows we can have suicide centers all over the world where people will be rehabilitated successfully! When people throw stones at you, you convert them into milestones...someone said in my country
  3. Haha

    Now who can verufy this info? Teal says that she stayed there in the community for the 2 weeks exactly in the duration when leslie committed suicide. There are 2 versions here. Can someone from community please validate this info? @CHSDOLLS Please dont try to confuse Teal's fans? Haters, please understand that you are being looked upon as problem creators and world doesnt want problem makers these days. It wants problem solvers. Teal is one of those special people. Please dont distract her. Sincere request! And also, is it possible that Cameron comments on this? She might have some proof of her first contact to Teal community and she must show it. If not, then I am not going to believe it.
  4. Haha

    What is the proof of the dates you have mentioned?
  5. Haha

    1) Make legal contracts with everyone 2) Be a valentine and make matches for suicidal people. Love can only save them 3) Let the suicidal people tell their stories in front of the media and then expose the perpetrator who forced them for suicide 4) Meet the lawmakers and try to change the law regarding suicides 5) Move to a country where laws are sensible and where your work is appreciated by law and the governments 6) Turn people towards god and not towards you 7) Give my love to Carmen clark and talk to her
  6. Haha

    Dead community
  7. Haha

    I am sure you are in a wrong place. This place is dead and people are cold. Do not waste time here please
  8. Haha

    I googled her and I like what she is doing .
  9. Haha

    Even I do relate with that but for how long one can be stuck there? Not for long. If the society itself has caused the fragmentation which ultimately resulted in loneliness, then the solution also lies nowhere but the society again. But one should move on with the greater confidence and purity of heart. Slowly you will see that you are reclaiming parts of yourself which were assumed lost. Unfortunately, there will be hiccups now and then but is that the end of life? Luckily, No! We are born a child and will ever be a child. And starting to believe in the replacement theory does work wonder for the inner child. Now, I feel eager to know what teal has said about loneliness in her book. E v e n I
  10. Haha

    What is the Title of this course and who is arranging it?
  11. Haha

    What is OP?
  12. Haha

    So, why dont you pour some concrete on it? And how an interesting idea gives someone headache? Totally out of my head 😁. Also about dying, how are you going to stop the dying process while doing any other thing than import/export ( the work of god, oneness)? Always remember, if the oneness is the truth then we got to violate some boundaries to achieve that. In this case boundaries of countries. To have a better understanding, I want you to watch my video 'oneness vs boundaries'- Teal swan.
  13. Haha

    I asked you because I thought people lived in buildings made of steel and concrete and I was under impression that even you stay in such buildings 😁 My idea is to start a trade between countries within this community, which will generate money and also it will give us a platform to learn about import/export, business deals, interaction with lots of different people. We can be be busy and be focussed on something that will eventually give us financial stability and freedom to roam around the world and easily meet like minded people whenever we want. How is that?
  14. Haha

    Does your country deal with manufacturing of construction chemicals (mainly for corrosion resistance of the rebars, waterproofing chemicals and concrete admixtures)? What is the average life of the buildings there?
  15. Haha

    I dont think it would do any good for the emotional body. However it would definitely bring your body in balance and make you feel rested. I remember I had done once for 3 sessions and I slept like a python for 12 hours on first day and it was wonderful. I didn't continue to see the results on healing emotional trauma. Theoretically I dont think it would heal trauma. But you can try and see for yourself and give your opinion. I discontinued because it started giving me pain on one of the point in wrist area.