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  1. On the contrary, cannabis induces headache if you are trying to suppress some aspects of your life. However, you can try this remedy yourself and come to your own conclusion. Above pages of the book gives you the very reasons behind the migraine. And I hope you read it and sincerely answer the questions asked there.
  2. Amazing song!
  3. @MTerra I feel you need company. Where do u stay and do u have a local forum there? You dont want advice but I cant control myself. Very earnestly, i advise you to talk to her to know the reasons of her actions and enlighten yourself and close the trauma. Just send a message to her that you want to talk and end it with an intention to move on and understand the reasons. Be ready for the next relation. She is really your soul mate but we have many. Some of them teaches us the hard way and we must learn the lessons. Also, if u dont know and dont want to see her then please check the dynamics of ur relationships on Much love
  4. sending positive energy! How is it now? Its 18 days now and i hope it has been cured...please let us know. Much love
  5. Svet, My south node in Pisces in 8th house. Astrology comes easy to me. I am always interested to know more. Also, detachment and spirituality vomes easy to me. My family and in laws are separated from me from last 4 years. Parental side is easy, everyone loves me but i am spoiling it on my own. My in laws were manipulative since my marriage which has created lot of tension in my marital life. 8th house lord is placed in 12th house. Jupiter is not very well placed and teaches me how to be happy in losing everything that I value. My children are away from me and there will be a custody battle in future. Yeah...and money came very easy to me but since i quit my job in december 2016, that area is also in trouble. So, you can see that nothing is easy at the moment. My saturn mahadasha has started in July 2016. Its almost a year and i have faced few bad things in this period. How is your life? And do you want to give any recommendations?
  6. Manchester attack Hello, does anyone have any insider news about this attack? Are we going to face a war like situation in middle east?
  7. You are scorpio rising. That means north node in 10th house Leo. Isnt it? My child have that too. I am away from them since birth. Its almost 5 years and i miss them a lot. If above positions are correct, then can u comment on your relationship with your parents...especially with the mother
  8. Hi walt, in western astrology, i have Venus, mercury, mars, uranus in scorpio. Haha So we have similarities in many aspects of personality. I am glad. But i want to know where is your north node
  9. Have you seen movie Samadhi? Watch if you get it and tell me if yoi feel like that.
  10. What a comparison!
  11. Dear Garnet, I love you. Its been almost a year i have known you. The efforts that you put to initiate, interact with all sorts of people is the one quality i like about you and also something that i have too. We are similar in that way. You are the true catalyst of this forum, spiritual and creative in your approach. For a lovely human being, you, I love you!
  12. I think of 'Evil, i love you'. But no, that would sound like we consider him other. How about 'Confession: 7 sins'. But it would be good if we see that in 'Discussion' and not the topic. Topic gets lost. Also i think, 'Christ vs lucifer: Brothers in Arms' and buddha is the audience. Thank you
  13. Garnet, thank you! I feel that we should have a channel to welcome evil on our forums. I hope you understand the purpose behind the idea. Today's video encourages that idea and we shud be more forthcoming n far-reaching to accelerate the integration.