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    Energy Technology

    https://amwell.biz/index.php?utm_source=mailchimp&utm_campaign=030080cfe1f0&utm_medium=page&getpage=store&getsec=catalog&page=item&itemid=8&theme=1&id=1 could this be the wand? Looks like there are a lot of imitations out there. But I think I may have found the real one.
  2. Jaime Nicole

    Non Commitment

    Is there a video on this topic, or more information that helps resolve this issue? This video is so in-tune with what I’ve been dealing with in my relationship currently. It’s very overwhelming to be with a commitment phobe. Especially when they are convinced they are truly committed, but their lack attunement and emotional connectivity says otherwise. Coming from someone with a hurting heart. Thanks for sharing this, Teal. The moment I posted, I saw a reply to the previous comment with video links, lol. Thanks!
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