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  1. Hola! Me interesa la juntada . P.D: hay un subforo Buenos Aires
  2. LuxDie

    Hey guys thanks for all the energetic answers, I really really appreciate them. It seems I omitted some key information: I already know what I want to do. I want to go to space, and build better spaceships and space stations. I also want to produce music and sing and dance. This year I'm starting my Space Engineering career at the university, and I'm taking dancing lessons and learning music. And I intend to continue to explore my interests, although it's true that I tend to escape from them. You all seem to agree that quitting without a plan is more like escaping than following my intuition. That's the reason I still can't make a decision, it still doesn't feel quite right. So I guess I'm going to take the advice and develop something on the side before quitting. And take the opportunity to do some inner work on my discomfort at work. On the subject of games, I do think you can game in a healthy manner. Quitting games altogether feels like avoiding healing the unhealthy pattern that arises when gaming, which is, coincidentally, avoidance.
  3. LuxDie

    Quitting my job Hi friends. I'll try to be succinct with a big issue I have. I am a web developer. I started working at this because I liked programming and it was a good source of income. After the first year doing it, I got bored with it, but kept doing it since I didn't know (or had interest in finding out) what else to do. Then a few years later, when the mounting anguish became unbearable, I finally quit. But I didn't look for something else to do. I just wasted away, playing video games and eating until my money ran out. Then I had to get another job, and since I was still at the same emotional point as the time I quit, I got a very similar job. Then I quit again. And did this a few more times, until today. I am STILL working as a web developer and now I'm at the point where since I'm not starving anymore, I'm conscious enough of my dread of doing my job. So I know the next step is to quit. But I don't want to keep repeating the same pattern. So I'm not really sure if I should quit or not. I know I have a problem with commitment too, and I feel like I'm violating my commitment towards my current client if I quit. Intuitively I feel that I should quit, then trust my inner self to guide me towards my next way of sustenance. But I'm scared of collapsing again, or not listening clearly enough, or being defeated by my fears. Should I quit?
  4. LuxDie

    I send you all my energy and strength Teal. Hold tight in there, we need you.
  5. LuxDie

    Teal mentioned to one person on stage that having back problems is a result of not having enough support in your life. Emotional support. It may not apply so generally but is probably something related to support and what holds you steady.
  6. LuxDie

    I would definitely not do something like that unless I felt extremely compelled to and sure about it. Wouldn't care about becoming filthy rich.
  7. Listening to the mind Hi folks. After attending to Teal's San Diego workshop, a question lingered in my mind. Teal spoke with a guy about listening to your own body, like it were a person you are in a relationship with. So I thought, we probably also need to listen to our emotions, in the same fashion. So the third physical body would follow right? Should we also listen to the mind, like it is a person we are in a relationship with? Because I have never heard that concept before.
  8. Hi guys. Me and my friend have been channeling Tot (and other spiritual guides to a lesser extent) for some years now, and we've finally decided to share this information with the world. We have started a new blog here It's in Spanish (we are Argentinians), but if there is interest I will translate it to English. Hope is useful!