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  1. Lina85


    Yes! Hear, hear! Since this all started I increasingly felt that it has shone light on just how little responsibility towards the collective we, as a society, have. Just how little we reflect on not only what benefits us, not only what benefits even our immediate loved ones, but also what benefits those we´ve potentially never met, but who very much make up our society and our world. I very much hope that people´s awareness of our togetherness will be increased. That is my desire for us.
  2. Lina85

    Expectations Exercise

    OMG, that´s why I always question how the powers that be are acting irresponsibly!
  3. Lina85

    Ancestral Patterns

    I am of a mixed heritage. I very often have difficulty distinguishing which personality traits are asociated with which ancestry line. They both have quite some challanges, but I also feel that their strengths compensate for the challanges of the other as well. In that way I feel lucky.
  4. Lina85

    LA Workshop

    Does she take a picture of everyone in the audience? That must require quite some patience and a lot of smiling for pictures...
  5. Lina85


    To add to the list, there were also cards with: friendship, leisure, justice, ecology, genuineness, inner peace, contribution, caring, self-acceptance, connection
  6. Lina85


    It used to be cinnamon. It reminded me of childhood, and all the best treats and teas. It´s a comfort thing for me. Until a couple of years ago I developed an allergy to cinnamon! So now I associate it with extreme physical reactions. I wonder what that says about me and my connection to this scent and the plant in general. Of course there is some resistance there but I would love to understand the specifics more...
  7. Lina85

    Teal On Candy

    I can´t eat sugar and I can´t eat dairy, but my favorite was Milky way too... But my weakness would actually be cakes (if I still ate any) and not necessarily candy. I think a lot of people here can´t tolerate processed sugar and can relate to the occasional feeling sorry for themselves.
  8. Thank you for this update. It feels like a relief to hear the words of compassion and a willingness to understand one's parents as well. I hope more and more people in our generation can progress to that position, when they are ready, of course.
  9. Lina85

    Beauty Products

    Haha... I also use charcoal clenser and jojoba oil. I don´t like using anything else as it feels like it just introduces unnecessary stuff to my skin has to deal with.
  10. Last? You mean latest?
  11. Lina85


    Wow, that´s than a request in a sea of other comments. Thanks for the info.
  12. Lina85


    Where do people submit these requests for daily updates?
  13. Lina85

    Protection Stones

    I love these videos about minerals... Please keep them coming.
  14. @Witt Well some aspects of your comments are something I am having trouble identifying with. I wouldn´t say I´m disgusted as you said, and I don´t want to shame you certainly, but there is judgment as I previously admitted. I can be quite a judgmental person. I apologize if I made you feel bad, that is not something I want to do intentionally. It´s sometimes difficult to express one´s opinion that might me diametrically opposite to another without projecting judgment. Or I haven´t mastered that at least.
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