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  1. uclasteven1

    One Thought

    Haha with you there on superhero movies, but maybe enjoying picking it apart psychologically is the best way for you enjoy those kinds of movies? Like a movie critic
  2. uclasteven1


    So excited for change! And see you in LA!
  3. Sounds like in order to know what you wouldn’t do, you’d have to recognize your own excellence!
  4. I'm usually paranoid that I'm being too self-centered or too self-absorbed. Is this also a carryover from being shamed for having needs? I'm confused on how to balance self-awareness in relationships (around being too self-absorbed) and shaming myself for having needs.
  5. uclasteven1

    Spirituality 101

    Wow does this mean today’s Opposite Day ? (Also yesterday’s workshop was amazing! Thank you so much for that!)
  6. uclasteven1


    Thanks to the teacher that made this possible!
  7. uclasteven1

    3rd Eye Minerals

    Is the video supposed to be 3:33 long on purpose?
  8. So excited for this week’s Ask Teal now! Also, I definitely think this chakra is the one I need to be working on the most
  9. I’d love to hear about the media! It’s probably important to know “how the sausage is made” when it comes to being a media consumer
  10. uclasteven1

    Divine Masculine

    Is today’s energy why everyone at my work is acting stupid today?
  11. uclasteven1

    Teal's Pet Peeves

    Haha so funny, at least the 70s gave us Monty Python
  12. A truly sobering and much needed topic, thanks Teal for writing this article. I see so many ways in my own life that need to change to take the Earth's best interest as my own. Even as a vegan, there's so many other areas I've been overlooking!
  13. uclasteven1


    I definitely will be looking for this today, spiritual bypassing tends to be a favorite coping mechanism of mine... Also, I love when you have Graciella in your videos, I feel like I could learn so much from her!
  14. So grateful for winning the free ticket to Teal's workshop, but I'm not sure I can make it up to Portland 😭... still figuring out how to get there from California 🤔

  15. Aww love that you can post these real moments Teal!
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