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  1. its painful to read this and i feel pity for the opposition. but i think, we should try to repair the relations. there are categories of people sitting in opposition. the message should go across to each individual based on his/her category and the reason for opposition. This situation can be repaired. But any one repair option wont work for all the people. need to be surgical to repair according to the personalities that are opposing. the higher spirituality may not work for them due to their limited perspective. i also think, that stubbornness of the opposition can be successfully dealt with more convincing. i just hope, the opposition realizes who is the enemy and joins the team one day. Dear opposers, dont kill the spirit please. You may not be able to find such a courage elsewhere. Why dont you confront directly instead of manipulation?
  2. Totally agree with the last statement. Though it is worrisome to read that the city is not safe
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