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  1. Ana Stroe

    New Era

    Yes, thank you! This is how I feel: which are the facts to believe? What is the truth? Because to me it just seems that at this moment this polarisation has thrown us even more into our bubble. Whether you belong to the bubble that believes masks save lives or to the bubble that believes masks are BS, for example, it’s still a bubble isn’t it? unless you spends their whole life dedicated to a research subject and even so, there are biases, you cannot simply know unless you believe someone else saying it’s this or that. except for climate change, that’s a fact, there’s no discussion her
  2. Haha yes indeed! I live here in Finland and reading a Finn’s emotions requires special training
  3. Ana Stroe

    Guaranteed Happiness

    Finally a no BS answer. It’s not that simple, come on! What is actual freedom? And what is actual happiness? Are we truly free as long as we live in a society and not on top of a mountain eating the food we produce with our hands? If any of you think are free as long as you have Internet and a smartphone to read this, as long as you queue at the supermarket to get your food full of gmo’s etc, you are delusional. We are not free, we’ve never been. The only ‘free’ aspect of ourselves is the spirit. Everything else is traded for a comfortable life in today’s society. Can we be happy witho
  4. Teal, I do hope you read these comments and maybe give us a better understanding. this blog post has given me an anxiety attack and I see others have felt so bad reading it too. It’s the feeling if powerlessness and lack of hope that is just hard to bear. What do you mean choose between freedom and connection? How is that even a choice? Because honestly, almost everyone would choose connection, it’s one of our most basic needs. Heck, everything we do is for that. So to choose between connection and freedom is a 0 sum game in my opinion. What am I supposed to do? Never see my par
  5. The enmeshment trauma part was spot on. I have literally the same issue with my mom, the same type of relationship. These last few days the whole trauma came back with such strong triggers and in the pit that I was, all I could do was pray and ask the universe for support into dealing with this. I never saw this either: my expectations of her to be different, my own gaslighting and guilt. Thank you Teal!
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