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  1. Mayra Hernandez

    Today's Mission

    Please upset us with the truths lol I love it and need it
  2. Cried abit overjoyed!!!! I’m a nanny and have helped raise many but now I’m a place we’re I can be more aware and I have needed this! To love more and do an even better job in helping others thank you
  3. Everything I have been wanting to ask and know!!!!! Thank you so much for all the freedom you all bring us
  4. I saw I'm abit of everything and love how real you Teal are this way lol I really see it now and love it. Thank you for helping me be happy being all I am ????
  5. Thank you all ????? I’m so happy to be more aware
  6. What about dogs that live outside? R they sad? My family got adopted a dog and she had to stay outside but other pets because they are smaller live inside. It makes me sad and I wonder if she is sad. Thank you.
  7. Thank you, I know now why I always feel left, wrong and like i cant do anything right or successfully. Thank you for all the healing you bring us ????
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