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  1. Liana245

    Dating Advice for Women

    I did not miss the memo, I am a virgin at 60! I am autistic. I am angry. I am also VERY self aware. I know NO woman want's me. I did not touch a woman in my life. Just because of what you just said. This is called evelution you don't want to breed people like me.
  2. Sadomasochism is a natural part of woman. Deflowering, menstruation, childbirth, and to some degree breastfeeding are all painful experiences for a woman yet all of these lead to orgasm. (Odent and Shandley)
  3. Liana245

    Career Love

    Could Teal do something on Dementia anything there is so little around for us who are coping with relatives esp parents with the problem. HELP!!
  4. Liana245

    Empaths Are Not Extrasensory

    The professional term is "differentlyabled". They are people who make money while disabled, in unusual ways, mostly by begging, but also online "selling" or "coaching" etc. India started this, most gurus are in fact "schizophrenic" by western standards and would be on a lifelong pension. In India it is a social obligation to put up with them for a night, and it is their obligation to move on to the next person.
  5. Liana245

    Mother's Day

    I give my mother credit as she admitted to me that she did a shocking job, and should never have been a mother. She is 95 years old. I know I chose her, as she told me early in life that I appeared to her in a dream and prophesied that she would move overseas, before I was born. All was true, but She chose my father. He was physically brain damaged by his mother. I suffered because of this my whole life. I wish I had that insight earlier. My life would have been very different.
  6. Liana245

    Past Life Trauma

    Problem is innocent people are being jailed or tracked for life because of these vibration al matches.
  7. Liana245

    Sport Needs

    I appreciate Teals honesty and accuracy. It takes quite a bit of guts to say the truth, even if it makes you look "bad"!
  8. Liana245

    Sport Needs

    ALL women get off on men fighting each other. Feminists are just hypocrites.
  9. Liana245

    False Humility

    I do have a psychology degree, which was recommended by a credentialed career Councillor despite my autism!! Agree with Teal about regulations. Also many holders of psychology degrees are NOT registered because registration is just like a religion. Prostitutes often hold psychology degrees and work as sex therapists which psychologists and psychiatrists can't do. They are sorely needed by the autistic community.
  10. Liana245

    The Female Split

    women want to have it all, and dump the waste on men.
  11. Liana245


    With all the child sacrifice happening there in the past there must be allot of dark energy there too?? I mean virgin girls were thrown into Vulcanos!
  12. Liana245


  13. Liana245


    Women over 30 having a first child is the worst for causing autism, particularly Asperger's Syndrome. Positive thinking and the like is probably the most misunderstood "mystical" teaching. I like how Teal explains that. Many people force themselves to think positively and suppress their actual emotional condition.
  14. Liana245

    What Men Need To Know

    Women are women when they reach puberty, men need to prove they are men every single day of their adult lives. The professional name for this is precarious manhood. Legally men have certain responsibilities women don't have. Men by law must protect women, yes that is the law, if the man is nearby and a woman is in danger. Constant fear is a part of being a woman, but also part of her sexuality. A little fear brings sexual arousal, as long as this fear is not an actual threat, similar to scary rides for children. Fear is also part of a woman's makeup, thus they take fewer risks and thus earn less than men. This fear is also part of living longer, men take risks and die, in fact they have been required to under threat of being executed, in many countries this is still the case with conscription, think Korea and Singapore. In reality though, men are subject to more acts of violence than women. Even criminals will shy away from attacking women and children, and in prison they will treat perps who do this harshly.
  15. Liana245

    Toxic Masculinity

    I don't feel powerless I am powerless, never had any authority over anybody in my life. ALL women have at least some power over their children. Billions of men have NO power over anybody not even themselves if they are conscripted to die for women in the next war. Any of you feminists out there ready to sacrifice women the same way men are sacrificed every single day by force? Yes by force, if they don't go they end up in jail at best or shot by firing squad. And yes it was women that gave men feathers if they were conscious objectors. It is women who shame men. Women are now totally free, yes like never before in human history. Men are not free, they have the obligation under law to protect women, but none of the traditional rewards. As to weather we are Worthy of Teals teachings, that is for Teal to decide, she can restrict the board to women only. Men have no such privilege, at least not in my country.
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