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  1. I literally had to play this back 3 times because each time my mind would wander off, and I have to laugh because clearly that part of me REALLYY doesn’t want me to focus on it
  2. Bright_Angel


    And to answer the question: Not *trusting* my inner knowing which leads to self-doubt which = loss of connection. The reasons for that happening to begin with have varied. I think the biggest game changer was rediscovering radical self-worth. And reviewing all the times in my life when my intuition was right instead of focusing on what went wrong. AND finding the core beliefs underneath (without judgement) and creating the third option when there’s a split. Powerful stuff
  3. Bright_Angel


    Yesss, this is exactly what I said in my submission for Vegas! This is perfect
  4. Bright_Angel

    Change Your Name?

    Fin totally suits you, Blake!
  5. Bright_Angel


    My Pattern app kindly reminded me two days before Valentine’s Day “don’t even bother trying to be in a relationship right now because you’ll be met with road blocks at every turn.” ...just what I needed thanks. Totally felt this, haha
  6. Bright_Angel

    Sleep Minerals

    Interesting about Moonstone and Moldavite being mentioned together because I wear each of those stones on rings that I stack next to each other! Worn them every day for about a year now. And my Herkimer diamond left me so now I really want another after hearing more about it Side note: I’m sorry for your loss Teal
  7. Bright_Angel

    Taping Stones

    Does anyone have any thoughts on why putting rhodochrosite/rose quartz stones on the heart while lying down would intensify pain? No medical conditions here, just probably a lot of trapped emotion at the time but idk why it would hurt more instead of less...
  8. Bright_Angel

    For Yourself

    Allowing myself to miss work tonight (without feeling guilty) to nurse this emotional hangover....oh and also incorporating more healthy foods into my diet. About to look up lectin now. I’d never heard of that before
  9. Hi, I have a question for anyone who can help me figure this out. She talks about how our internal compass (our emotions) can be messed with as children and therefore we aren’t really following our highest truth in any given situation. I pulled this BlindSpot card the other day and even though she mentions it here I’m still confused as to how to fix this issue. I already find it hard to trust myself sometimes and as I learn to even allow my emotions to come up to the surface, it’s terrifying to know that what I feel might now be wrong? Plus I thought beliefs were what caused emotions in the first place so wouldn’t it be that the beliefs are out of alignment and not the emotions? The specific core beliefs I’m working on currently go like this: I was taught to believe that you should NEVER ever hurt other people or you’re a bad person. To the point that I learned to abandon myself for others benefit. It makes it extremely painful for me to break up with people. I’m learning to be more self loving without feeling guilty that I’m a selfish person, but I’m also getting hung up on the belief that everyone else IS me, so if I hurt them by leaving them, I also hurt me; therefore I can’t be happy either way. Ughhh I’m going in circles Help!
  10. Bright_Angel

    Worst Date Ever

    My college Spanish professor asked me to go to a pro basketball game with him—via the school email system—and since I was failing, I decided to say yes. After a moral crisis changed my mind, he asked if I’d want to do dinner instead just as friends until the semester was over, so I agreed. I met him at Panda Express (his choice) where he offered to split the food he got for himself but never asked if I wanted my own. I think I may have picked up one piece of slimy broccoli from his plate. Then, while shoveling the food down as fast as he could, he proceeded to tell me about the OTHER girl from my class he was going to take to the game that night instead (I ended up working with this girl later, and we had a good laugh as we compared notes about him). Needless to say, I never went out with him again, but somehow I still got that A so I guess it was worth it?...
  11. If I recently emailed a question, should I submit it here again? Or does she pull questions from emails too?
  12. Does anyone know how much the originals are going to be at the workshop?
  13. I’d probably be an aphrodisiac or some kind of giggly euphoria since my most used emoji is this one . Because apparently I think I’m hilarious when I text people

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