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  1. Shallon Terry


    She'd be like "woah, you've been through a lot... didn't see all of that coming." I think she'd be proud of how far I've come but be a little sad to know I still hold myself back in some ways due mainly to self-consciousness. I think she'd want me to cater less to what i think i "should" be or "should" look like, and just follow my joy, knowing i'm deserving of it no matter what.
  2. Shallon Terry


    my happiness
  3. I hope you come to Canada soon!
  4. Shallon Terry

    Change Your Name?

    I would pick Sadie. I don't know why exactly, I've just always loved that name... might have to use it on a pet or a kid if those ever come into my life lol
  5. omg! I literally gasped in excitement when i read the title of this video. This is amazing.
  6. Aww, that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside happy v-day Teal & Team!
  7. Would love to hear more from you about death... it's so sad to me how disconnected we are from one of the very things that makes life possible. You're definitely in a tricky position, so I totally understand the delay and apprehension to speak about it. I'm here for it 100% when you're ready!! Also, yaaaay on the "good luck" card. I received a similar message from another tarot reading today, so I know some major blessings are coming my way
  8. I died at "Mercury in micro braids"
  9. Shallon Terry

    Depletion Shadow

    I AM EXHAUSTED. so thank you for this
  10. Shallon Terry


    Funny because i feel worse today than I have in a while... Good to hear this kind of update, regardless
  11. Shallon Terry

    For Yourself

    There are a few things, but what first came to mind are my (almost) daily morning walks. They're connecting me to Winter, which I've always resisted. I love that I'm more attuned to this season than ever before. The act of walking in and of itself has been great for clearing my head. They're helping me to get my day going in an intentional, active way. Yeah, I'm really grateful for them and I know they've been good for me
  12. Oh my gosh. So fun and scarily accurate.
  13. Shallon Terry

    Robotic Behaviour

    lmao great ending
  14. Shallon Terry

    Sun Dog Prophecy

    hehe funny, in response to your forecast, i made a list last night about inexpensive/free things that nourish me (aka energize me)... because that will help both my financial resilience and my health in general which obviously helps with resilience. Here's my list in case it'll help anyone else: meditation, writing, singing, dancing, bathing (with epsom salts especially), giving/serving in a way that feels good, intuitive exercise/movement, nature walks, spending time with animals, deep breathing (fresh air especially), exploring, spending time with people who energize me, listening to music, cleaning/de-cluttering, intentional showering (releasing stagnancy, bringing in purity), cooking, gazing at the sky......
  15. Crying. Wow. Thank you, Teal. It will be a big year, and I'm ready to stand tall and generate my own light! Let's do this y'all!!

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