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  1. I Like This,,no I Love! this ,,yet after watching 20 mins I find my self Instinctively reverting Back to my Primal Male-niss,,continuing to watch more,,Im having Male thoughts of Chasing a Squirrel up a Tree in my backyard,and also of Spearing Live Fish for Dinner,,I could just be getting Hungry!!!.or, Or Just need a Break,,Its funny to Say how the Male mind works sometimes?I just a Boy in the Wind,,,and at times Don,t want to be more than that~or less than That~
  2. RockOnward

    Narcissistic Service

    Yaw Zist grreat!!!,,shtook twoz zimes Losend to Grazzp.But Yaw das Greatz!!! Sorry Addicted to Fake Swedish Accent Texting,,,is wht it is?*
  3. RockOnward


    Like you said you Impulse Bought,,but there seems to Be a Collective Impulse out there,,for people to Tribe Up, And I like when you use the Word Tribe,,B cuz that,s what,s going on,People are Tribe-ing Up. And Why,why,,,Why Not?
  4. RockOnward


    2019--Here we Go~
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