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  1. Teal I can only imagine what it is like.... but know that I am not afraid and I completely support you (with your shadows and all) because it is really brave what you're doing.. if something I think that this preassure and this things you're experiencing will make you stronger and wizer so breathe.. everything will come into place when the time is right...
  2. Two days before this happened, my country (Colombia) signed THE peace treaty of an almost 70-year civil war ... things are definitely changing in the world.. (and don't forget GB's history.... England is the most assiduous conqueror in the world.) I understand that separation is not necessarily the way to be happy but it brings contrast so we can value unity, and maybe now is the time to look elsewhere and expand towards other cultures, blend in with the world, learn from different types of people, there are many places to go, there are a lot of good people all over the world, try to put your attention on that. From my perspective Great Britain right now is like an old grumpy man complaining and yelling because he wants to be left alone.... so... love and patience people, love and patience. Meanwhile you focus on the paradise you're living now... and the beautiful lessons that you can learn and the people you can meet and be inspired by.
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