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  1. RJ Wade


  2. RJ Wade


    I can recommend two Ask Teals - "AND Consciousness" and "Why Spiritual Teachers Are So Contradictory" - she explains in those videos exactly what you're asking.
  3. Hmm they're all uploaded on the same platform, so there is no difference in that... I can also go all spiritual on you and say face your resistance to watching about the topics in this video. haha
  4. RJ Wade

    Empaths Are Not Extrasensory

    Actually Teal talked a bit about it in her Compassion Ask Teal episode! Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMUHtuhiVTk
  5. Click APPLY Here is a picture example: https://tealswan.com/contactus/store/how-do-i-enter-a-discount-code-r1/
  6. RJ Wade

    The Magic Of Yoni Blood

    No, not at the moment
  7. RJ Wade

    Inauthenticity and Loneliness

    Love hearing that! Welcome
  8. RJ Wade

    Art Day

    Wow your stuff is beautiful! I could see your art as tattoos too, easily
  9. RJ Wade

    Teal & Winter

    He has like 5 different frequency ones ? It's just that Teal loves The Cure frequency so much...
  10. Set to be recorded later this year. Fingers crossed!
  11. I LOVE that! Glad you had fun
  12. Make sure you click to apply the discount and you will see it deduct thr $40 from the total price. Let me know if you have any more questions! I can actually see that you have succesfully applied the dicount, feel free to check out here: https://tealswan.com/checkout/37243
  13. RJ Wade


    A google search brought me to this article: https://joshrosebrook.com/blogs/news/104816583-does-your-hair-need-protein-or-moisture-conditioning
  14. Did you watch Teal's Ask Teal episode about Healing Sexuality? https://tealswan.com/media/media/888-healthy-sexuality-vs-healing-sexuality-teal-swan/
  15. RJ Wade

    Ask Teal

    Coming later this year!
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