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    Love road trips. Going "back home" is a weird thing for me. Thank you for letting us in a little bit Teal, et al. Love you guys!
  2. Taj

    Teal's Childhood Home

    Thank you, that was wonderful. I hope someone got a photo of Graciela bringing the horsies to you What (weird, subtly intense) feelings this must have brought up. Wow, thank you for sharing this?
  3. Taj


    I had a flood of emotion this morning.
  4. Taj


    !Yes, and aging.
  5. Taj

    Inauthenticity and Loneliness

    I have felt lonely the whole of my life and this is why!
  6. Taj

    Curveball Workshop - 2018 - Part 1/2

    Thank you for sharing this Teal.
  7. Taj

    Dinner By Teal

    I want to live in a house where we can buy and prepare food like this
  8. Taj

    3 Things

    Thank you Teal for the validation on the love of emotional processing. It has been very hurtful to so many times hear people tell me "you're overthinking"! Seriously painful to hear that from people that I needed closeness from. No wonder I am so angry!
  9. Taj

    Are You Friends With Wilson?

    I can hardly wait for the new products! Also, my whole relationship with my former spouse was based on on overlay! Will I ever have a relationship? Will I ever "see" correctly, actually???
  10. Taj

    Unspoken History

    This explains everything
  11. Taj

    The Shame Of Feeling Loneliness

    Thank you Teal! people who give you grief over your "free" content are just being greedy and don't understand how The Universe provides for us all. I am basing this conclusion on personal experience of course.
  12. Taj

    Sport Needs

    I love how you think Teal!
  13. Taj

    Reason For Tragic Events

    Makes sense. Everything you said. I have to do a form of this everyday at my job.
  14. Taj

    The Dark Crystal

    Love this movie, too! Watched it with my kids about 20 times! Love it. I cried watching it then and I cry thinking about it now
  15. Taj

    Teal's Safe Space

    Love this soooooooooooooooooooooooo much!
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