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  1. Do you like gazing into the nightsky? I sometimes feel, that the stars want to tell me something. Locking my eyes with the moon, I make my mind completely still, and take in the moment... and then I start seeing Manga comic panels, filled in with manga art. They flood my mind in lightning speed, it feels like a flashback of an entire collection. I do not know why, but every single panel contained brutal, vivid violence... the more I looked at the moon, the more disturbing it felt. It is very interesting for me that you seem to have had an experience with Manga art too. What do you see, when you gaze at the moon and become still?
  2. Han Solo

    @MistaRender You're not really taking in the info I gave you. From my perspective, there is no patriarchy in the sense that society at large subdues women, beats them and does not give them any freedom outside of what society decided they are supposed to do. And again, it doesn't mean that there are no issues at all between our genders. And I mean huge Issues, that have accumulated over time and we may not even be aware of. What shit like screaming "patriarchy!!" tends to do, is take our awareness to an extreme, that has not manifested yet, and blind us to our actual situation. Visualize, you're in the rainforest with a feminist, and suddenly you notice a little stick on fire in your path. The girl starts screaming that there is a huge forest fire, and your reaction is, it's just a fucking stick, calm the fuck down, the forest isn't burning down. And you bicker and go back and forth over that burning stick, yet don't notice the pile of corpses stacking up on the side of the path, tanks rummaging through in the background and all of the trees being littered in deadly, fungal parasites. That's what we are doing, if we clam down on our precious, ego-attached viewpoints. That's why I stress open-mindedness to you this much. Allow yourself to be blown the fuck out, and see the bigger picture in the process..... got it?
  3. Han Solo

    In my egoic reality, I feel that this discussion is a chaotic mess. I think discussion in a forum in general is always chaotic. Can everyone try to keep it more condensed and to the point? Especially when you guys start to space the paragraphs like this, it blows up the page and your own text as well, and it's not enjoyable for me to read at all. Would you guys be willing to do that for me? To you render, I want to answer, that the only thing I want you to change your mind about, is to not close it off to revision and change. I brought up the car as an example for when there is no right or wrong. What is the best car? What is the best life? I know you are going to get pissy after hearing that, but consider it for a few moments:There is no right or wrong way to live a life, from the perspective of the Universe. A good or bad life, a concept that we have taught ourselves, that is taught within each unique splintergroup. Rightwing is good, leftwing is complete misery. Leftwing is good, Rightwing is complete misery. Yet both perspectives manage to live on, and tout their ideal way to live. Not unlike ego, this serves only to expand the power of your belief, and not the consciousness of humanity. What is the right way to live for a kid in an indian ghetto-slum, that get's beaten by his father every day? Why does a patient ridden with crippling ailments and a fast approaching end of life expectancy feel happy for their live, and it is the commiserating of everyone else that makes them feel the worst? Just like the kid in the Indian slum learns that obedience no matter what ensures survival and thus is the best way to live life, we also take up a lot of shit that we inherited from our predecessors and just keep running with it. But we have the opportunity now, to stop blindly running, to stop right in our tracks, and prospect, what the hell we are actually doing. What the hell we have been doing all our lifes. Independent on what the ulterior motives are of feminism, who has interests in funding them and keeping the movement alive, they are signal pointers for us to stop and have a real good, close look at how we actually treat women. And that doesn't mean we have to actually buy their crap, I personally reject the notion that all men are rapists and a woman can never do wrong. We can move past that, and get to the part that is never looked at: Is what we think is good treatment of women, actually good? -> How many men feel like they understand women? Why do we have such high divorce rates? Why is there a general unhappiness between our genders? etc. I know this sounds a lot like merchant talk, but you have to keep your mind open to all possibilities. Like a lot of questionable movements, Feminism is a double trap, that, at the very least it's extremely vocal part, very obviously insinuates dramatic, in my opinion butthurt, awful crap changes to our society, so for those of us who gather enough awareness to realize this, our instinct is to clam down and stop change at all costs, and by doing that we walk straight into the other trap, by refusing to look at and resolve issues that date back much, much further back, that have been so ingrained into our consciousness that we don't even know existed. Issues that have been overlooked, and continue to wreck us harder and harder until we resolve them. Ideally, and that's my subjective "good" way to live, we would encounter a feminist screaming "put men into cages!!" and we'd say, no, we won't put ourselves into cages, but we want to resolve why you feel this way, and we want to ask you to join and help us for a great outcome for both of us. Of course, it's not a magic recipe for utopia on earth, and makes you certainly very open for violent outbursts, but if enough people actually pull together on one string and present this kind of attitude, even the most hot headed troubled person will eventually be swooned, because, and that's my and Teal's belief (?), at the end of the day it all stems from lack of love, and if you can give them this love by caring, just by giving them the possibility to resolve it, you enable real change to happen.
  4. Han Solo

    @MistaRender I don't want to say what you believe is null, not true, void. In your perception of reality, your conclusions are 100% correct. However, with progressing awareness, beliefs and views will undergo expansion and change aswell. Let's convert that to cars. Is it right or wrong to put in a 100 horsepower engine, or a 150 one? No definite answer, it depends on what you want to do with it, who wants to drive it. A first time beginner, perhaps it would be better to build in less power, so that if mistakes happen, he is less likely to get badly hurt. An experienced driver that is looking for a thrill, he would be better suited for a high power engine. So spiritual wise, you got yourself a 100 PS car, you notice it's good features, and then proceed to say, that you will never accept a car that is not exactly 100 PS, and that every car on this planet should have exactly 100 PS. I come in now, and ask you, what if 100 PS isn't the be all and end all of what can be? Your reaction was pretty much "ridiculous!". But now that I visualized it for you, you do get it, do you? When we don't let what we believe be cemented in stone, but instead allow for the possibility of change, of improvement, we are not forced to accept what we percieve as lesser, instead, we enable the possibility to discover something that is even better. Dig it?
  5. Han Solo

    What if your beliefs and views aren't the absolute truth, Render?
  6. Han Solo

    A few months ago, I would not even have foreseen the awareness that I would come to. All I wanted to do really was learn how to be good with girls. Instead, I became Buddha, and learned of revelations that have changed my entire perception of this world, this reality. Despite this, I don't feel disconnected from the people around me, because by understanding myself, I learned to understand them. By confronting my past, I have freed myself in the now. I have no idea where this journey will lead me, but after what it has shown me, I must keep going. I love you, and all of you that are here with us, on this planet, in this very moment.
  7. Han Solo

    Man, you are all over the place, it makes it pretty hard to follow. I have a suspicion though: Do you think that nobody is reading what you write?
  8. Han Solo

    Mhm, good ole hitler... When you subscribe to the idea, that we are all one at the highest universal level, then all things unfolding here automatically have already been part of our being. Perhaps not the one we are expressing right now, but within us, we all hold the capability to do so. So, what's the reason the world warns you of that super evil dictator called Hitler? It's because while the person is no longer with us in this reality, the consciousness that was held within that man, is also within every single person on this planet. Now what do you to do? Do you want to understand that part within you? Then you must look at who both who this person really was, and what were the circumstances that this person found himself in. An abused child, thrown into the most brutal wars ever waged in human history, saw countless men die infront of his eyes, he used to be part of a regiment that mustered 3,600 men, and after 20 days of battle, it was down to 611 men, two months later, it was now only 42. He survived the war, but felt immense betrayal not only by the sudden surrender, but also by his own countrymen, that rejected and ridiculed all the sacrifices he and the soldiers took. The victor powers blamed Germany for the war, and spared no effort to throw misery their way, the treaty of Versailles was a spit on the face for the entire nation. He saw the decay that started to seed in the populace at large, the poverty, decadence and hopelessness that pervaded Germany. It was in this moment, that he wanted to lead Germany back to prosperity, to make Germans feel pride for who they are again, and return the joy of life. Or was he really only damaged by his childhood trauma, by the war that he fought, that he rejected peaceful life and democracy and instead saw only himself fit to rule the nation and make it strong again? That he lived out his hatred for jews to make them pay for turning down his artwork in an arts-university? That he wanted to rule the world to kill all life that was different and only allow the uber-mensch to live? That everything he said, even if it sounded well-meaning, was just a lie to trick people into serving his ultimate goals? That he had no empathy for human live, and didn't mind murdering as many people as possible to reach his goals? What part do we want to see? What part do we accept, what do we reject? What does how we view the actions of certain people, say about us? No matter what we see, our reality is in the now. We may choose to view what happened in the past however we want, but the present we find ourselves in because of it, remains the same. We can't go back and change our timeline, but we can make the best of the time we have now... our time.
  9. Han Solo

    I absolutely believe we live in a mirror reality. Everything that get's buried within ourselves, shows up in the external world in some shape or form. Like an act of balance. I also think that in this fashion, you attract what your subconscious being is aligned with. But, the way we carry ourselves, will also mirror in our external world, even if we find ourselves in a really bad situation. I think of these as "tests". If you remain unshaken, while maintaining alignment within yourself, you can find beauty even in the worst of circumstances, kind of like Scot said. To sum it up with a quote: "By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise." By virtue of the law of attraction, you'll invite circumstances that will further strengthen whatever feelings you have within you. I like the idea of playing around with the concept of mirror, but I wouldn't go so far to take it that literal. As I understand, mirror is meant to be a manifestation of the opposite, it's more grounded in simple concepts of balance. I see it more as a weighing scale than a mirror, and those two work differently.
  10. Han Solo

    Isn't that not down to personal preference though? I can imagine that these girls don't want to be on the spotlight of the entire nation, because there are some hefty implications following that.
  11. Han Solo

    What is even more scary than looking inward, is not looking inward. All that stuff that is lingering deep inside, that IS you. The way I go about it may not be as dramatic as others would do, perhaps, since I just keep thinking about why I do and love certain things, and keep digging deeper until I found the answer. For example, I was wondering recently why I was so eager to buy a really good looking sportscar for a pretty cheap price. Thinking about it, I wanted to stick it to super rich guys that spend tons of money on machines, that my machine with a way better price can match or even beat. But I had to dig deeper, why do I want to stick it to rich guys so bad though? I eventually found, that deep down I felt less worth than others, I felt like I was always judged to be not good enough, and that I never will be. Out of this feeling, grew a desire to spite this expectation, I wanted to prove to all that even with the hand that I am dealt with, I can still take it on with everyone else. I wanted to prove that I am better and smarter, and always saw myself at an disadvantage that I needed to overcome. I wanted to have the feeling, that on an equal playing field, no man on earth could match me. My error was, that I kept thinking I was less worth than others, because of how I was treated during my childhood in school. Realizing, that I myself keep judging myself as less worth, I understood that it was an ancient mindset that I still carried with me from that hell time in school. I believe I am getting a better understanding of what "inner child" really means, subconscious thoughts remain still, capturing the emotions and concepts of the moment they were made, but your life doesn't remain still, the thoughts become "outdated"! I think that's a really cool explanation 😄 All in all, I pondered about that for ~15 minutes? You don't have to make a big drama show out of it in my opinion, just pick some stuff you always found odd about yourself, and keep questioning it until you get this "aha!" moment. Or more like "....aaaa-ha.......". View it like a game, all these hidden subconscious thoughts are levels, and the more you beat of them, the better your life will be. Does this help you with your struggle?
  12. When people hate you without having wronged them, they recognize something in you that they have hidden away in themselves, and they want to do the same thing with you. You are experiencing the physical manifestation of their fight against themselves.
  13. Han Solo

    What are you guys talking about with devil and god? You are not the freakin' devil for not being socially adjusted at the moment. Though, "adjusted" isn't the correct word either, we don't want to comform to society's disfunctional hugbox, but what we do want is get into alignment with ourselves. I think what you imply with "going crazy" and feeling manipulative stems all from internal discord, things you are suppressing and don't want to resurface. I am thinking in the direction of ego, as in concept of "physical" self, is what takes you over when you are not conscious of yourself, makes you take things extremely personal, aka. "PAIN", and will dictate what it thinks is the best course of action to avoid feeling that pain. Suppose this is what comes close to a "devil". Everyone person on this earth has it within them. You'll may find, that your ""crazy"" outbursts weren't so insane compared to what everyone else is doing to themselves and the people around them, once you got yourself more awareness and higher vibes. Teal talks about this in some of her videos, like this one But if you want to deal with ego very specifically, I will highly recommend Eckhart Tolle's book called "power of now", which goes into super lengthy detail into ego, how to identify it and how to free yourself from it, bringing your attention away from the chatterbox in your head and to the present moment, the "now".
  14. Han Solo

    Since this is a pretty old thread, I doubt that whoever created it is still checking up on this topic. But for those of you, who have similiar thoughts and look through this, perhaps far in the future, I have this to say to that topic: Your life, your choice. My opinion on it is, that it transforms you into a monstrosity, and whatever promises were made, will not be fulfilled. You've seen these souls yourself perhaps, do you think that you will be radically different? I don't think so. From what the thread creator wrote, seemed to me like she wanted to turn into a man, so it would be acceptable to be with the girl she desires. To be honest, seems more like a fleeting thought, as evident of the lack of follow up on this thread. But if you wanted to follow along these lines, stop and think for a second, instead of having the stigma of being gay or lesbian following you around, which is not evident at all if you are somewhat socially attuned, you instead make your entire body a stigma, and you will be judged for it anytime, anywhere, perhaps for the rest of your life. I get where you guys come from, if you are gay/lesbian, you feel ostracized, badly judged for who you really are so you are forced to live under a fake mask and quell your true feelings, to avoid pain. You guys usually have to deal with immense pain to begin with, I even think it's the reason you became this way, as an escape. These quelled feelings keep building up pressure, and you are looking so badly to have this lid just go off so you can feel free again. You want that "big break". Perhaps. But whatever your reasons are, you will not get the "big break" once you transformed yourself. You will discover, that the problems you were running away from, have not only remained, but they have gotten tenfold worse. Your body, you yourself, will become the embodiment of society's neglect towards the people that needed attention the most. Universe of mirrors, remember? For example, schoolshooters! The enlightened society will be very quick to demonize and unleash their wrath upon the kid that did it, but never question what gave birth to this happening, the underlying reasons like his abusive parents, constant bullying in school, no hope, no rescue in sight, only neglect and a bitter, bitter sadness. And because not nearly enough people do that, young, healthy kids that would have otherwise had gone their path of life and gotten the chance to enjoy it's ups and downs, are brought to the brink and snap, embodying and returning the pain we cause in our blind, uncaring, unconscious state. (Can you imagine the pure insanity that the universe is matched with, when the response to such an event is not an awakening, a cause to do introperspection and realization that society has gone completely off alignment and it's path, but instead, a FURTHER deepening of the unconsciousness, realized by people that will turn and say that kids that are driven not only into suicide but also to massive killing sprees is just a fact of life, and a reasonable solution would be to ban guns and administrate stricter controls to minimize the killing such a kid would do...???) By choosing this transformation, you will embody neglect and abandonment, plain for all to see (usually, at least). And as you know how well societies deal with these issues, you can surely imagine how cool your life is going to be. It's your choice if you want to choose this kind of path. There are still many others out there.