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Question Comments posted by KameronS.

  1. Learn every language, dialect, slang, and glyph created by man so I could talk to everyone. How dope would it be to be able to clearly communicate with everyone on the planet?

    Oops, my 7th House Mercury in Leo is showing🧚🏽‍♀️.

  2. To be confident in my confidence. I've always been proud of myself (quietly), and I dimmed my own light bc of the criticism I received when I shined. Babyyy, no more. I'm practicing being OK with making people (women specifically) uncomfortable with my being confident in myself *and my displaying said confidence,* confidently🥰.

  3. I'd wish to speak every language and dialect on Earth, fluently. I've had an affinity for language for as long as I can remember, and I enjoy one-on-one conversations. People approach me all the time, so having the ability to talk clearly with everyone anywhere I go would be amazeballs.

  4. I assume that I'm not capable to do (and do well) things that I've never done, even something simple like driving. That stems from the fear of making mistakes and being singled out for my mistakes. I was a high achiever in school, effortlessly. So whenever I made a mistake in class, it was made to be a bigger deal because I'm "smart" and "smart" people aren't allowed to fuck up because you should know "better." I was told this in front of my entire class by the Dean of Students.

    School ain't shit.

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