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  1. Love Amalie, mine would be Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Especially when he zones out and has his fantasies with his crush.
  2. Brittnie22


    I wish I was there
  3. Brittnie22

    June 16th

    Happy Birthday my loovvee
  4. Brittnie22


    I like watching when Blake is in on it because he mirrors me like freaking crazy! Teal is more of what im wishing to become more like and learn from and Blake is showing me my past and where I’ve been
  5. Brittnie22

    Everyone Has Prejudice

    Looking at the comments, it seems as though Teal has underestimated us. Glad I’m not the only one who agree’s with her. I’m watching a Deeyah Kahn documentary right now and people like Daryl Davis are really changing things by not shaming people. Getting to understand people is key and that requires communication.
  6. Brittnie22

    What's Ending?

    My sanity
  7. Brittnie22


    I know it does, it brought me to Teal where I feel seen and heard. I have never ever met Teal yet so that’s powerful!
  8. Brittnie22


    My attachment to food, water, my son and my self help books. Mainly by you and Byron Katie. Maybe journals and pens. The poor homeless guy that had his stuff burned could be me. Luckily I’ve read most of the books already. I need to get in touch with the aspect of me that’s suppressed desire for material things. I was a minimalist because I felt more in control and powerful not needing those things but the truth is I just covered up my desires
  9. Brittnie22


    Overwhelmed by all information coming in during the age of Aquarius. I don’t know what to believe, every time I make up my mind about something, I’m given evidence the opposite is true and it just goes on and on and on . I did decide yesterday to look for people who actually agreed to have a receptive conversations about things and that helped me in that department where I was overwhelmed as well
  10. Brittnie22

    Childhood Story

    I remember Ariel having to give up her voice to get what she wanted and relating on a subconscious level probably.
  11. Brittnie22

    The Most Difficult

    You both share my exact concerns. I watched the movie Mother! On Mother’s Day and it was very eye opening. I really recommend it. I sadly realized how we are so much like the god we created in the Bible and it’s followers. Even those of us who don’t believe in the Christianity are just like Christians (some not all) People will defend their beliefs at all costs. If you open them to a discussion they will automatically name call and you don’t even want to have the conversation anymore. I automatically want to close off and let them live in there dystopian but we live with these people. Just like Mother Earth we have no where to go. We see all around the world where people are being abused by their governments and people are just screaming “please take my freedoms!” I just realized I have some parts work to do
  12. Brittnie22

    Game Of Pretend

    My Pisces Venus ass is the worst at this!
  13. Does this work with yourself?
  14. Omg and he’s a Cancer Should have asked him if he liked them before you told him
  15. Brittnie22

    Repeat Trauma

    I had the thought “I hope her sons with her” when she said everyone was with her and then she said “my son, he’s here.”
  16. Brittnie22

    Funny Movies

    Ooo do Spiritual movies in a future one
  17. Brittnie22

    Funny Movies

    Yessss I love these movvviiieeeesss
  18. “Make self esteem your goal” that was so cute ?
  19. Brittnie22

    Toxic Masculinity

    Just watched it and yes, it was a good ad but I can also understand why the men commenting were triggered so I didn’t feel all the rage. Mostly sad for them. Feminazis from the left have been attacking them harder and harder to the point where they are feeling shamed for being men (especially white men) and the far right is attacking liberal men because “they aren’t real men” for not shaving and not being able to change a tire, calling emotional men weak. The shadows are getting bigger and bigger. These are definitely tough times we live in. Each side wants to tell the other how to “be a man” it’s really tiresome to watch. I wish I could feel the whole well now you know how us women feel but it’s all a mess.
  20. Omg every time you have Blake on, he just mirrors me and all my issues. I keep learning about me when he’s on ?
  21. The wolf/cave thing was great!!!!
  22. Isn't it weird how Avoidants become the codependents and Anxious Attachments become Narcissists. I know they are the same and only care about themselves but it seems like it would be backwards and believe me, I know its the truth.
  23. "I need to beat the shit out of myself to earn money" ugh that's me also!
  24. Ah the first one really triggered me because she is me. Major headaches all my life, my whole life feeling majorly lost and confused and she just gives her a bracelet. That was really painful to watch.
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