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  1. Brittnie22

    Funny Movies

    Ooo do Spiritual movies in a future one
  2. Brittnie22

    Funny Movies

    Yessss I love these movvviiieeeesss
  3. “Make self esteem your goal” that was so cute ?
  4. Omg every time you have Blake on, he just mirrors me and all my issues. I keep learning about me when he’s on ?
  5. Isn't it weird how Avoidants become the codependents and Anxious Attachments become Narcissists. I know they are the same and only care about themselves but it seems like it would be backwards and believe me, I know its the truth.
  6. Ah the first one really triggered me because she is me. Major headaches all my life, my whole life feeling majorly lost and confused and she just gives her a bracelet. That was really painful to watch.
  7. She did say it was dangerous, and she didn’t like to teach it. That could be it or at least I think so.
  8. Oh man, 1:36 really help me understand the question I asked. Wow. I LOVE these Mirror Events, just amazing!
  9. Omg the guy with Enmeshment was meeee!!! So relatable ?
  10. I love this! My last relationship was me hopping in and out and him hopping in and out. What a mess.
  11. "The Terror of People" triggered me bad, I started bawling, wow
  12. This made a lot of sense! Thanks So much
  13. Oh man, I mentioned that the other day that primates carry their infants around 24/7 and it has to be damaging that we basically do the opposite
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