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  1. Brittnie22


    Horses and archery, we have that in common! Bringing up the naked horse back archery and then snowboarding made me imagine naked snowboarding my other hobbies are biking, hiking, Tennis and drawing/photography.
  2. Brittnie22

    This Is A Sign

    Someone tell me please what the difference is of seeing a truth and seeing what you believe. All I see is what I believe in my surroundings. Idk how to distinguish the two
  3. Brittnie22

    This Is A Sign

    I went into the perspective of a snkae once and it was amazing. So small, scared and terrified. I accidently killed it when I tried not to. Makes me sympathize with them now
  4. Brittnie22

    Typical Gemini

    Aquarius open-minded, objective, eccentric, unique, I dont go to others advice because I know everyones different and people dunno the whole story like I may so I get my advice from within. I’m reserved, rebelious especially with authority creative and innovative, weird, conspiracy theorist but I question everything and know I dont know it all. I’m like Jon Snow, I know nothing. I see original used to describe us but can anyone be truly original?
  5. Brittnie22

    Shadow Of Deflection

    Yes I watch you and yes I know I am in denial and deflecting things. Will take this time to watch the videos and ask my guides to help me out. It’s super difficult to see myself as bad and wrong
  6. Brittnie22

    Sexuality Reversed

    Once again, she looked into my soul and beared the truth of who I am to me
  7. I totally believe it. I have the same personality as Blake so I become codependent, get lost of self and have to break up because I feel like im losing myself. Well I mean I did. I no longer get into relationships yet because I dont want to hurt people anymore.
  8. Brittnie22

    Total BS

    Yes I can lol thank you
  9. Brittnie22

    Total BS

    Yes please do another in depth video on forgiveness. I have a much easier time forgiving others but myself is much more difficult and I think it would help. And yes I saw where you said something about seeing my other parts as other to help and it has a little. Would still appreciate a video though. Thank you
  10. Brittnie22

    Ask Teal BTS

    Yea, they should add closed captions anyway. I’m in a loud place lol
  11. Love Amalie, mine would be Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Especially when he zones out and has his fantasies with his crush.
  12. Brittnie22


    I wish I was there
  13. Brittnie22

    June 16th

    Happy Birthday my loovvee
  14. Brittnie22


    I like watching when Blake is in on it because he mirrors me like freaking crazy! Teal is more of what im wishing to become more like and learn from and Blake is showing me my past and where I’ve been
  15. Looking at the comments, it seems as though Teal has underestimated us. Glad I’m not the only one who agree’s with her. I’m watching a Deeyah Kahn documentary right now and people like Daryl Davis are really changing things by not shaming people. Getting to understand people is key and that requires communication.
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