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  1. Britton

    i lied he is ignorant fight em 😛 with ya love though he may have blocked me so
  2. How do we not yell at Mistarender love him he hates that watch
  3. Britton

    ya know you really didnt listen but i dont expect you to see that yet I think you gotta keep re reading what you say what others say maybe itll take longer don't rush yourself you attack so I try to hold back from being defensive cause I think I see why you are in pain or because I see where I could be clearer about my ideas Its hard though because you are being confrontational and I'm being open and honest You suck at receiving love accept that right now and you'll start seeing it more and more often You need love you came to a forum full of self help techniques and you fight all of them Why? you need to love yourself to even receive it from others you you can act like you do but the way you carry yourself suggests otherwise you sound like you hold a lot of resistance to love I don't know if you see it but I do I want to work on that with you when you are ready to be a "Free Thinker"
  4. Britton

    maybe this hatred is their intention not yours though if they are a real system that would be the plan divide and conquer right? dont let them seperate you from yourself like that even Be in your world fully empathy here would help even though its counter intuitive dont pick a side you dont believe in do you want to really do that I would ask yourself again I get passionate too sometimes you gotta ask if a thought is true more than once a whole lot of times when it comes to those kind of thoughts be sure in yourself before commiting yourself to something I feel what you are saying because I have been there too I felt like I was trapped I felt like the game was rigged But it can't be that way look at the good you see in the world too you gotta take it all in at once to really live here ya know We are gonna be free regardless of any outside force like that Freedom just comes from within first Feel how strongly you believe in that freedom that is in every being as well what happens when we all wake up to it These are the things that help me move past my fear and into the moment I hope you can see what I'm getting at I appreciate where you are coming from like I said I've been there
  5. Britton

    I feel like it doesnt matter if they exist or not though
  6. Britton

    hey now @Selena Martell You are fine just trying to explain yourself @MistaRender is a hurt person hurting people He wants love but doesnt know how to give it As you can see he thinks this is a cult and while he is allowed to have his opinion see how it blinds him Watch how it boxes him into an argument not a conversation You are trying to communicate that is all he sucks at that look back and see he does this all the time on most posts he makes not just here Its not a you thing Its a him thing He projects A LOT I think he doesnt trust people are strong enough to make their own decisions I trust you though I think these are the normal awakening thoughts we go through I think that we expore these concepts and ideas to find our light in the shadow To find ourselves in the dark by realizing we are the light that contrasts it You may need external people helping you Its up to you though not him Dont let this guy tell you how to live your life look how he lives I try to be patient with people like him they think they are the only one that can think for themselves But you dont need to beat yourself up just dont feed the troll if you dont want to I'll sit here with you again @MistaRender Lets talk or better yet do what you love Lets fight I got nothing but love to give you and seemingly infinite patients compared to yours I'll find you the help you need to break from this one sided perspective or get mad at you trying either way Have at it just leave people the fuck alone if you can see they are in pain why add to it why be that dick that throws salt in wounds you have no intention of truly healing her you are a fake helper if anything I see you for it im sure others do as well you project it on me so that makes it even clearer to me so begone or be helpful bud
  7. Britton

    Very wise words I appreciate you I often struggle with myself over the idea of coming into my power (utilizing my own talents and abilities) and the idea that I have know idea how to wield it/them I too see resistance as both offensive and defensive (sword and shield) or in relation to desire as push and pull or yin and yang 2 sides of the same coin really It is good to ask questions and I think thats part of what resistance is about Asking yourself the right questions to move forward I still find myself slipping into the shadow of ego from time to time though I mean that as in sometimes I see it but sometimes I still don't see my ego is in control or blinding me Sometimes falling into it more then I'd like too even if I do notice a pattern Its a hard thing to pin point in the moment You mostly realize after the fact lol I try to see it as a chance to grow from the experience I want to walk my own path and not to harm anything in the process I try to be myself but I listen to others as well I try not to beat myself up too much over what I should have or shouldn't have done but I do still see that the more I learn about myself the more I have to learn to be better for myself and everyone I effect in the process It takes a lot of work to find yourself so I appreciate any help with it
  8. Britton

    I think if you read a bit back into the post you'll see what led us to this conversation I agree with everything you said just thought you should know that we are just speaking these concepts as metaphors for that same argument everyone goes through in "awakening" While trying to find yourself it becomes harder to tell if ego is there because it can be integrated just like any other part of self It's important to realize that it can be a "benefit" to have your own identity thats a function of ego, the realization of separation It is a point of grounding in a certain light It has its purposes and miss uses I'm just saying having space for all of yourself thats what the whole idea of self love is all about I dont think you are saying anything different though I appreciate where you are coming from with it
  9. Britton

    I see, I think you are just very aware You see yourself probably see yourself in others You want for us to be more You're becoming present It seems like chaos and it kinda is But when you realize you are already on the forefront of progression with those you idolize or even just look up to Like Teal or whomever You will know where your power came from and theirs as well Its from the experience And knowing yourself there by It can take a while to trust ourselves But after you do You regain your wings (so to speak)
  10. Britton

    I think the devil is just a fallen angel lost ya know though i guess he did it to himself I think he really lost himself when he lost god I think the lesson for him is to love again to be the light bearer again I'm just guessing though I havent read the bible but I understand the new testiment is mostly about forgiveness I choose to see it that way as I think that is the update for that story You think when their jesus went down to hell he didnt forgive satan I think we could take a little from Jesus on this subject I dont know if they say that he forgives him in the bible But I feel like he would have I mean thats kind of his thing ya know God would probably be just waiting for the devil to see he still loves him anyway I think people misinterpret the bibles stories though I only ever try to see the lessons in it I try not to get stuck on the characters themselves too much So I think its more a story of swallowing pride than anything The devil is too proud to admit he was wrong in my opinion I do think we could stand to see both sides of a story there again havent read the whole bible so just my perspective
  11. Britton

    so yes god loves the devil and the devil loves god I guess they just gotta learn how to express it :) sorry I missed the actually question lol
  12. Britton

    Here I'll spell it out for ya cause you have a hard time understanding others I love him as a human being because we all have our flaws I forgive where he is wrong because I have done wrong I do not agree with everything he says but he probably wouldnt agree with me either I would say he is an example for men but I can not lie to you He is not being the way he could be is my feeling on this I don't hate him I dont hate you I can disagree without hate I dont have to reward bad behavior but yet here I am talking with ya still Me and Trump are okay but you are still having a problem I want you to know that I love you in this way You will one day feel that love from someone and it will all make sense It will be okay for you to be yourself so you will drop your gaurd I hope you can see me but I'll keep going with ya until you get me @BeyondTheRim I think it is very possible to love and resist things about someone at the same time I think its called being human :P either way we can see things in full spectrums if we choose or we can focus in and hone our view its user preference really I just don't advise closing your mind or your heart
  13. Britton

    I'm sorry I'm a person on a spiritual website not a guru please try not to take my words as me talking down to you Is that what it is? You think I got that "holier than thou" complex I am a real person lol I'm not playing a character Why are we still arguing here are you still not listening to me so you cant even see me accurately yet I feel like you are still trying to kick and bite but I am not playing with you anymore I will only love you from here out You need it so you can get over whatever this is I can be me and you can be you and that will still be okay do you understand what I'm trying to get at We both exist and I'm not even how you think I am You probably arent even how I think you are So we are probably just bumping egos at this point I'm switching to love cause fuck all that noise
  14. Britton

    like my grampa literally always says thing i dont like and I love him anyway I'm sure thats common with everyone right how is that a bad way to describe how I view him If you wanted to see it you would see that it also implies Im trying to understand him The north korea shit is just what we brought up really the twitter comment is just a joke why so serious about it its a hot button issue I get it but I'm just comparing him to my grandparents he is the oldest president I heard I think you could have better conversations If you would try to see people less like a enemy I dont know what happened to you but please don't just fight the world Its so much easier to try to see the other persons side than argue yours so blindly I wasnt exactly trying to anger you more ask you questions about why you do what you do on these forums I've seen you being helpful also why are you afraid to be helpful instead
  15. Britton

    I didnt say I didnt love him in fact I described to you exactly how I feel about him as accurately as I could put into a common concept or idea You still refuse to go back and read what I actually said I'm not gonna quote myself for you my point still stands that you are here to argue prove me wrong I said fuck it and did it for you