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  1. Britton

    Healing for healers I want to start a thread of people who aim to heal our healers This may seem abstract but if you are a healer or even just empathetic you should know what I mean We take on a lot and I feel like a lot of us don't know how bad it is not to vent it off in a productive way I wanna change that We can't create shadows while clearing them How is that helpful? Thats not healing not truly anyway We have to stop dismissing ourselves or we will end up needing to heal our own pains and clearing through our own shadows A lot can be solved by talking through issues So give me all you got My ears are open What ails you my friends? What have you taken on that you regreted? What bothers you about a certain person or situation? Lets talk about the shadow side to healing People don't think there is one and thats the funny thing about shadows They are what you don't know you don't know We have good intentions Healing is supposed to be an offering Its this pure loving concept but it can be draining to the healer It can be done wrong It can be forced Lets just talk about it and see what comes up
  2. Britton

    @Paradoxical-Reality :) hello there are many of us out here I want to meet people where they are in both in the physical and the etheric I'm obviously interested as well and I want to capitalize on what @BeyondTheRim was getting at they are making a valid point What does it look like to you ask your friends ask your community post in the forums about it as well continue to help the community come together I want to meet up with anyone who wants to try to make this world a better place so feel free to message me on here as well thank you for responding you have made my day Your fire lights my fire lights our fire lights their fire ya feel me :P hope to here from you soon
  3. Britton

    Hey friend I was addressing the underlieing questions I seen I'm a little off lately I'll admit that I see opportunities for my heart to speak and roll with it I tuned it out for a while, my desire to be helpful grew very strong through my resistance to speak and now Im all heart so I find it hard to put words to my ideas at the moment I want to help others understand these far reaching concepts and I think you can see it I appreciate you @BeyondTheRim I want to create terms for things for things like this but I will admit that the mind has trouble putting into words what has to be felt to be known maybe we could seperate the terms into like True source and source So that its destinctly the concept because at some level I feel like thats the truth of it We are a part of source Source is a part of True source The thing I know that triggered these ideas in me was string theory that the universe was part of something greater that stretched my concept of what source means But anyway I do more of a sweeping strike technique if you can't tell Swinging for the fences lol I do need to start buckling down now if this is how I want to communicate Really start writing out these concepts out and working on them so they are easier to understand I can find the words to my feelings trust me but its hard to get others to feel what you feel you cant force it so I' learned to be more general in concepts as to help as many as possible I now realize thanks to you that if I have any hope of helping at all I have to be able to be more direct in my approach People can take things a lot of different ways so it is very important to be precise or they could get lost real fast Again I want you to know that I appreciate your help and I hope we can come to a point where we easily understand eachothers intentions cause I think we both have a lot to give to this world I think multiple takes on these concepts is what will give us the perspective we need to actually understand these ideas I realize that I have a hard time speaking in general Im here to work on that I don't want to seem like I'm arguing though so if I do Im sorry I do mean well
  4. Britton

    the word universe means all existing matter and space considered as a whole while this is true here its not true to the multiverse this is also common knowledge now so it shakes up the whole source concept is source just one universe and if so how many dimensions and perspectives do you think it takes to create oneness I would agree that at some level source still means source like even if its technicly split into several universes cause at some point the goal is to go back to oneness but maybe thats just our human perspective projecting over source maybe source is a part of a higher colective we dont know yet and we may never know but we can certainly speculate
  5. Britton

    Teal I want you to know that you have ended up a target but the thing they fail to realize is that you are still here having a human experience with us. This is the shadow side of being a spiritual leader that most don't see because they fake it. Authenticity is your over arcing message and you actually live by it. This is why I think you gain such momentum with both sides of this. The people who really see what your trying to say are truly becoming themselves and thats the beautiful part but the darker side is that some of these people are gonna take the information you gave them and use it against you. You sharpen their swords for them only to have it used to cut you down. Hurt people doin what they do best I guess. It sucks when people turn out to be someone different from who we thought they were. It makes you question yourself and your judgment but sometimes its really not your fault theres really nothing you could have changed. They did this for themselves not to you. We have also manifested a way of life here that these fake people are getting real good at fooling even our extrasensory and perceptive people. They can disconnect from reality to a degree that they almost channel another persona whether its to fool us or just because they dont feel like they can be themselves either way I wont justify it I just suggest that aside from all the actually stuff they are doin to Teal that the community not entertain these negative people in their pointless endeavor to stop this wonderful woman from healing our world with us. I get why people are clinging to you for dear life but I feel like they forget that you are just as human as they are. I also want you to know that you've helped me out of countless dark lonely nights with your messages of self love and just the fact that someone exists that thinks the way you do has given me and I'm sure many many others hope for our world. Always in step with the collective despite it all. PSA A high vibration doesn't mean no problems It can however mean that your problems get as real as you do I hope we can move through these problems as a community We need to take this opportunity to help Teal tackle this problem We all want to live in a better world some even want to start intentional communities We should be looking at this blog post thinking about how we can better help our community Our own people are crying out for help lets reach out sometimes all they they need is a hand Sorry I type a lot lol
  6. Britton

    Im glad I could atleast help you find a shadow I feel like most men dont think like I do so thats why I wanted to respond I just wanted to remind you that often times the maculine energy is out of allignment but that doesnt mean you are This is mostly what I want you to take from this You can feel however you want to feel about yourself and your body Ill even talk with ya over it if you want to work through anything else But please do not let them convince you that you arent beautiful just because you don't look like a barbie doll or whatever I dont want you to feel like you arent enough because of the image that they push is all
  7. Britton

    I feel that soul is what attracts soul I am a man so bare that in mind but I don't think that women are less attractive just because they dont have huge boobs. Thats the old ways of thinking a lot of guys are in that mindset but its an illusion They will never truly care for their women until they love them fully, not just whats on the outside. You are more than your body maybe you came here to be recognized by someone who sees beyond your physical beauty and into your heart where the mystery and wonders they seek really are.
  8. Britton

    You are on the right track for understanding that if you already know that we are all potential I feel like the fear is just in not knowing or grasping it fully I'll break it down If we are all source and source is said to contain universes with multiple dimensions in each. Then is it not really already the case that multiple sources exist and that thier trying to figure out whats next for them as well Like isnt it already taught to us that there is a universe inside each of us that we are "gods" or source why wouldnt source become something greater than source has ever been Isnt that the goal, to bring rise to new desires Source itself does have desires that its fulfilling and replacing constantly timelines arent exactly relevant in those upper dimensions so we may not be aware of it Why would we be learning if source already knew what was perfect? We live simultaneously with each other in all timelines in all dimensions in all universes Some may be ahead of us some may be behind but its all always there thats part of the way it works atleast. so then theres not much to fear if you know that everything you feel can be scaled and skewed across all of existence so that it can be learned from then everything kinda comes into perspective from that point I hope it strengthens your connection with source to know it to is progressing the concept of oneness can be felt at a deeper level this way hope this helps
  9. Britton

    Maybe we can set up meet ups I think i seen you post about this My heart really needs to see this world for what it can be so much so that its willing to lead others and it never wants to be in charge of others :P I am so ready to heal and be healed that it seeps into my everyday world now (which i mean it always should have) and I dont want to have the unaware people around me dealing with the shadows that may bring. Without a community I became more of a world healer in the sense that I work on my shadows and any shadows around me that I see. I accumulate a lot in this way though because I've opened up my perception a bit more I can see how I am adding to the collective unconsious just by being somewhere I dont exactly want to be. I've been hurting myself in more ways then one. I smoke both tobacoo and marijuana to calm the anxiety that I get when feeling into the world. I feel as if its a past life thing as well like my soul was here as a shaman or something once and this method worked. I get vision in the smoke but I use em like ink blot tests so its just a venue in which I found my reflection. I feel like if I were to be with more lets say awakened people I wouldnt feel the same impulses that I do when I'm around in our usual society. I just started both at a very early age, 12 ( yes thats way to young) I should have never started smoking cigarettes and I am working on quiting Its not exactly blocking me from shining through but my heart still wants for me to stop I picked up this coping mechanism and I want to put it down now cause its heavy both physically and spiritually. I want to start working toward the solutions i can see clear as day in the distance. I hope I made it part way clear atleast that I am clearing my own path shadows. I will be cleaning up my vibration but its not like I'm not already present. I'm in pain but I try not to let that blind my feelings and thoughts. I will not disassociate with my pain though so I will never be as much of a burden as my habits may suggest they are what I found before I found this. Before I woke up and came to this world to really experience it I made a few bad choices. But all of us have shadows so I'm here to help them through it regardless. Warning: I speak in volumes I appologize
  10. Britton

    I dont really have a problem with having normal conversations with people either I just don't want to have to work in what i actually wanna talk about because it feels like a manipulation if they dont normally talk about deep things it feels like im trying to bring them to the moment and in doing so adding to the resistance they have instead Dont get me wrong my friends try their damnedest to keep up with me but they just dont listen to or learn from the same things I do so I end up being farther ahead of them we are just in different fields of study (as we all are really) so I love the idea of just having these conversations with the people that want to have em I'm 26 but i feel I've hit a point of maturity where I have to do something real with my life and all my friends are still kids in that way, they just want to make money and work whatever job pays best Im not against them doing that at all if it serves them, I just don't see the point for myself I need fulfillment in my career, already it is painful in a way to just let myself do the normal thing where I work reproduce retire(hopefully) and die like I'm wasting my time and talents on activities that have little to no meaningful impact on the world I'm here to change things up for everyone I guess because I definitely have to make my own path to do what I want to do. I do have issues where I end up having to ground myself every once in a while though like i feel myself floating off into my own world because I'm one who sits with thoughts more often than people I work on this regularly because I realize in order to help I have to be truly present here Glad to meet you as well @Scot
  11. @Scot Perspective is everything I'm a little more empathetic than most so i lean towards giving the benefit of the doubt most time That is not to say it hasnt lead me astray I'm just saying once you learn your truth and start to work on yourself it makes you hyper aware of your reflections and more aware of how they are a reflection of you and you are a reflection of them you still have to listen you still have to learn but its the most helpful way to understand another being all the way through the scale My bias is obviously a result of my empathy but I'm working on using it to our benefit lol I do apologize if I am just ranting about how we need to communicate and love ourselves cause though we do I don't wanna derail this question I want to help find the answers @JesuI think that unique understand is the by product of self love and then giving that love unconditionally and ya know you just don't see enough human beings doing it to know that we could all be like that with eachother I think you're seeing her authenticity as a super power and I'm pretty sure she would absolutely love that lol Now she is clair-everything ya know so it could just be intuition or her/your spirit guides or a number of different factors but i feel like its deeper than just knowing about it its connection its understanding actually feeling what they feel and then reflecting any information you can being there with them as the grounding element rooting them or the catalyst stoking their inner flame and letting them know they can have their emotions and you to which i feel like describes empathy I think shes just really good at it is all I can feel her presence with them through the screen again I'm bias though :P empathy is gonna be the easiest way out of the shadows every time So in developing these skills you have to understand yourself as best you can cause you have to be ready for anything She has even said this i dont remember what video but basicly People in her line of work have to be ready to help people in the worst of situations and its not very easy to do that if you have your own problems to deal with or your own bias because you lack a certain perspective Constant shadow work is the best advice I can give if you wanna be able to do that cause you will find that you need it I'm sorry i speak in volumes guys Ive been the quiet guy for a long time turns out I just didn't have anyone to talk about this stuff with :P
  12. Britton

    thank you @Garnet we seem to be having some form of communication right now so you can open up a little if you want @XYZ im really quite friendly if the community is dead why not help revitalize it i see a decent amount of content being put out just trying to start more of a dialogue if you are willing to
  13. Britton

    and yet still we love with more vigor and passion than before my friend why let this beautiful place become a desolate wasteland while there is still time i see your pain and i want you to know i understand not everyone sees this the same as me but im here regardless if this is the worst place i could be then i think that theres more hope then you think for this universe and your people im not where i want to be yet either but it doesnt make me any worse and it doesnt make you any worse if you arent where you want to be yet so why would it apply for our planet or this universe? dont want to seem like im arguing either (im super weird and use my adhd to make sure you are okay mid sentence) i just feel the need to explain to you that you dont have to give up some of us are about to start fixing the world if we can find the ways to do it
  14. Britton

    Hello from Ohio Hello everyone I'm new to the site but not to Teals work or spirituality in general I'm here and ready to converse with anyone which is weird for me cause before i woke up i was quiet Regardless i love talking about spirituality and just don't have many people around that are willing to dive deep with me so i came here to find some like minded individuals hopefully i can find people that have a similar mind set as i do I'm on this planet at this time in this moment to bring as much love as i can possibly sustain channeling through this life and I'll be back lifetime after lifetime to do the same thing every time not as a martyr not as some kind of savior but as a soul that is having a human experience I just think we are doing it wrong right now not to judge just saying I'm willing to wait for everyone but i'm not sure how much time we have relative to how the physical world works As i see it we are currently blinded by the game we invented here we've lost the meaning of currency I just had one of my friends watch a video of a magician dumping out a bucket of seemingly infinite fish like the jesus thing like im pretty sure it was fish for the art of that not just cause he wanted to do fish (dynomo if youre interested) anyway whether or not that is real my friend said itd be cooler if it was money i was astounded it went right over his head the concept of a bucket of infinite anything and you want the thing that buys anything you want kind of backwards dont ya think not to insult my friend any farther society has broken people in a way that they really see the money as what matters not the thing they get with it putting something in front of desire is what is blocking your desires from manifesting you dont want to be rich you want to be carefree they just taught you that money is the only way i feel like people say money doesnt buy happiness ironically and it bothers me a lot cause we live in a world where you have all information available to you and people choose to only learn what they are told to learn again im just looking for like minded individuals to talk to about these and many other subjects Side note: when i had my first and honestly only out of body experience it was more like a guided vision but it was most definitly not a regular dream or day dream it was like i got called up and out of my 3d reality i felt like i traveled a great distance and was talking to whole new beings i can go on but right before i came back i was stood in what looked like heaven or something there were clouds everywhere im there gazing upon a in fathomably huge ?army? i guess i felt same as if they we're all there for me for all of us like i wasnt alone and right when i felt that i was told to " Bridge the Gap" and brought right back and i like shot up as i heard my freind come down into my room ok it felt like i woke up but i didnt even fall asleep i couldnt have it felt so real you know i dont usually dream so maybe that is one of my normal dreams and im just not aware of it but that was so unreal and real at the same time im still on it years later it actually sparked most of my spiritual journey please contact me if you also had a similar experience i wanna discuss what it means id even enjoy talking about how you woke up cause i bet its not the same for everyone