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    I love this
  2. MorningStar9369

    Ask Teal

    I think people are still stuck in bad relationships cause they can't objectively look at it. But if they saw the really lesson of Jesus Christs death maybe they would see how this is about their lives but theologian are so fucking stupid. They continued the war against us by making enemy's out of eachother. The truth is people were really ignorant back then and the believed the authority\"holy" man that was in charge at the time. Socialization = family and our lives and Jesus death was a tragic failure and we still dont see that it makes me insane
  3. Sorry I wanted to make a joke. I found out race is racist and I'm not Mexican I'm Native American I'm not from Mexico. Hispanic is Bullshit and in not from spain . And giving me such a wishy washy definition tells me that I can't have pride of who I am. The tribes are taking advance of white guilt and robbing people of their heritage. It's deplorable I've been using a dictionary like says I'm Native American and Caucasian and I'm proud of it.
  4. Authenticity means doing what you want and having Integrity right? Monkey see monkey do. ??? world = ?
  5. MorningStar9369

    Resistance Demo

    I found a way to heal write down every feeling and every word I experience. I hear words I m still not exactly sure what restiance you talk about I was confused I don't know the context. It's going to. Like channeling and" semi automatic writing " lol wtf. I just wrote down what I want to write. I only want to. We all speak in different languages it's confusing you should feel precise and confirmation. Perfect and with the flow. That's how I'm accessing my subconscious. telling us to release restiance is crazy cause it goes against the universe. Can there be a path of least restiance. Harmony ??? Story boarding I think it's called. wait and then write down what you are experiencing. l have a favorite market to and only do what you want thought write it down. It's like instant therapy. lol and I draw symbols. can't communicate this stuff and it probably make no sense but I swear that I have something valuable. I'm actually trying to help and this is fun for me
  6. MorningStar9369


    I manifested so much bad. I how does manifesting work . Cause I create stuff all the time but it never goes anywhere it just gets stuck. There's no space I just feel confined I'm too busy daydreaming and talking to myself I feel no potential outside of the room in. I guess I manifest by being addicted to shopping This feels so weird to talk about lol
  7. Is this considered esoteric? The video I mean. I just want to create more understanding. I'm sorry for confusion
  8. Weird dream Teal said t this to me in as dream your my predecessor. Zach.: Yes Teal: smiles mysteriously
  9. I'm bad at communicating
  10. Me expressing my dissatisfaction with the world lol
  11. Lots of illusion Teal have you ever considered to getting together with other spiritual gurus on YouTube and you guys could build a solid movement...renaissance. Here is specifically what I convention being a part of that community...then you could accepted as everything that you are.
  12. The Mind; Meta Physical 5th dimension Source Perspective Self Love and care I feel traumatized Being a victim feeling powerless and vulnerable Nightmares Being homeless by afraid to be by myself I feel stuck and frozen from fear. I feel like I'm at the mercy of other people's will Wtf is wrong with me.. I can't think anymore I almost just want to worship Lucifer and fuck with people
  13. I prepare for the worst cause I'm scared of having everything crash and surprising mr . I just want life to be comfortable. And not good or bad
  14. Synchronicity...I made a pledge to myself that I want to live my the depersonazation is sources perspective of loneliness? I felt so alone. I freaked out and it's not fair that I'm transgender and now I feel confused about it. I never developed a self concept when I was younger. Then I started watching Teals videos and other spiritual stuff and I use to like Teal a lot but I saw that she changed. I wanted to know what she knows and what her motives are. I can't tell anymore.
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