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  1. @Mai-da <3 <3 <3 <3 Hearing what you had to say was so validating and gratifying. It has helped me feel like the part of the heavy burden of my weighty soul purpose- the isolating and alienating reality of it, of feeling like no one could understand its gravity (what with Doctors operating from a purely materialistic perspective) has been acknowledged. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I know what you mean about sometimes preferring to speak things out loud. I considered recording a message in reply, but my technological knowledge at present in that area is limited to Skype video calls. There is quite a lot I could say... I may go over your recordings again... For now: *Your articulation that my heart, the donor's heart, as having its own consciousness, & my likely needing to integrate it, felt like a light bulb moment. Thinking about it, it's not necessarily new to me, but there was something about having it articulated the way you have, which made the idea more real to me. (Perhaps I need to learn to trust my inner knowing more.) *I agree about there being a distinction in heart transplants in children versus adults *I have a copy of Evette Rose's 'Metaphysical Anatomy', and unfortunately there is no mentioning of transplants... It seems to be a current blind spot in metaphysical health... overall an area unexplored (hence, as you say, ripe for expansion). * I agree that it isn't a cure. When I consider it from the perspective that disease ultimately needs to be addressed on the pre-physical level (feelings and thoughts), transplants are the ultimate cop-out for addressing the root cause. On the one hand, transplants are often seen to represent the pinnacle of Western Science's achievements. But, I think, from a metaphysical perspective, they are a symbol of how far allopathic medicine has descended, into treating merely the physical symptoms- of just addressing the material aspect of our's soul's expression. *Having awareness of this, believing this, is painful. The multidimensional perspective creates more suffering in me than the scientific (materialistic) ever did. For Science, my existence (despite many medical odds and challenges) felt like a miracle. I felt special. For the spiritual field, I am an abomination. Usually, the message is "you shouldn't exist". This is why, for years, ever since I have become acquainted (or perhaps reminded) of the multidimensional view of reality, I have been desperate to hear what I 'look' like to an extrasensory. This desire became more pressing after I developed stage 4 post transplant lymphoma (blood cancer as a result of the immuno-suppressants, which are a carcinogen) in 2015. I went into remission within months...but the details are another thread, another topic. Likewise, of course there were metaphysical reasons for exactly why my immuno-suppressants were the physical vehicle for triggering cancer then, at that moment. I knew even before the diagnosis was confirmed that unresolved childhood traumas had been triggered and I was in an emotional space of feeling suicidal. Despite being aware of the metaphysical as what underlies our physical reality, this experience reinforced my feeling and belief that "I am doomed: I have been set up by the universe, like a joker in a deck of cards, but the joke is ultimately on me." *Thank you for 'seeing' me, in your descriptions and compliments of me; your appreciation, in the context that I am usually misunderstood or underestimated, is a blessing. <3 <3 <3 <3
  2. Thanks @MistaRender for leaving a comment ? There is some possibility of this if one considers the quantum field... ? In all seriousness, I wish this were possible... According to my doctors, a transplanted organ reproduces its cells with the same DNA as the donor. Hence the requisite lifelong immunosuppression that follows. That being said, over the years the doctors haven't always been proven right... So maybe in time it may emerge that this is possible ? ?
  3. Andrea Barrett

    Even if animals and plants suffered the same amount, and if one is attuned to the suffering of plants... one actually reduces the suffering of plants more by eating vegetarian or vegan, than omnivorously, because the omnivore eats plants, plus the plants that went in to the animals and animal products, which are more plants than just eating the plants directly, which vegans do.
  4. What are the spiritual consequences of having an organ transplant? Specifically, a heart transplant... Hello everyone who sees this! I have been thinking about this for years, and thought I would finally put this question out there... From an extrasensory perspective, what are the spiritual consequences of losing the physical organ that one was born with, and living through the organ of another as one's own? In my case I had a heart transplant aged 7, due to irreversible heart disease. Having read about the importance of 'the heart', from connecting to it in meditation, to how it is a gateway to the nonphysical, I am curious what the perspective of someone who is able to perceive people on an extrasensory level. Ideally, I would love Teal's perspective. But, as she is very busy and the since this is not a question that would be important to the majority of people (for submitting it via the Ask Teal series) I am interested in hearing from other people who have extrasensory perception, and have personally 'seen' the difference in observing a person who has had a (heart) transplant. If anyone has read anything on the matter, I am also interested (in case you have found something I have not in my research). Speculation is welcome, especially if you are well versed in the biology and spiritual theories. (Also, of course, I welcome speculation on medical metaphysical root causes, though that is not my main focus, as I have not had any additional heart issues since my transplant over 15 years ago, and only require one immunosuppressant drug to prevent organ rejection). Often the spiritual field is overwhelmingly negative relative to the topic of transplants, due to having various expectations, e.g. that people should have cured themselves without resorting to drastic measures. Often, I despair because of this, and feel it is time to try and improve the vibration of my perspective relative to it. I have heard Teal say one can come back from anything. But, transplants are irreversible. (Unless one has nanotechnology, I suppose, ha. I can only dream at the moment.) It seems the best course of action for those who have had transplants and are trying to reconcile it with spiritual ideas... is to try to make peace with where one is at, and to endeavour to remain in equilibrium, within the narrower and more difficult to reach frequency of 'health', when one is constrained by immunosuppressants for life.... From an extrasensory perspective, what are the spiritual consequences of losing the physical organ that one was born with, and living through the organ of another as one's own? What are your thoughts? (Thank you for reading!)
  5. Andrea Barrett

    There is beauty in the likely infinite lifespan of the internet as regards recording ones own perspective for posterity. It broadcasts one's own experience and allows authenticity- which can be so desperately needed when it feels like one's immediate relations cannot see you for who you are, and only see an idea in the place of a person. An idea which is their armour from feeling the vulnerability of powerlessness (relative to the traumatic car accident). Sounds like the main feeling you're experiencing is feeling misunderstood, not seen; the antithesis of intimacy. Also it sounds like your experiencing with a home that is 'lacking' is birthing the desire for a sanctuary where you can feel free from the pain which is attendent with this. The image of 'independence', aka separation from other people who could also cause you harm or misunderstand you, seems to be a guiding one for you. Eventually... in order to repair the childhood wounds you may find seeking out connections with others, who can truly see into you, healing; in as much as if wounds were caused by people, they can only be healed by going towards people rather than avoiding them. I would think about why materialism (the value of the material world) and socialization (value placed upon being social; human interaction) might perhaps have positives. Of course, it is understandable to not buy into our society's prioritisation of them in avoidance of their opposites, which I would say are 'spirituality' and 'presence with oneself' which are valuable for self-awareness and being conscious. But there are hidden treasures within the spiritual person's shadow of matter. Money and other physical avenues of abundance are material. The place you live is material. The possibility of moving away from your family is contingent on the material. Hope this is digestible food for thought.
  6. Andrea Barrett

    It sounds like you have conflict within yourself (your will) between multiple desires: the desire to remain connected and the desire to be apart from this person. The desire to be connected is necessary to fulfill your need for human companionship; your desire for separation perhaps fulfils the need to take control and progress the situation so that you can create a manifestation of the separation you feel already must exist for this person to love someone else (as well)... You might find it helpful to try and work out an alternative way your need for companionship (aka the antidote to loneliness) to be met. If you get the needs met which you are currently are via this person in another way--- plus if you figure out the shadow reasons to why you unconsciously benefit from being part of this drama, i.e. if you figure out why it is a situation that you are a match to (perhaps by being 'good' by being the victim, or it mirroring a childhood parental dynamic where you were lied to and felt unloved)- this may help you become 'unstuck'.
  7. Andrea Barrett

    I love this idea! Partly as it rings a bell: the druidic wood lore possibly from J.G. Frazer's The Golden Bough and the collective subliminal 'magical' control via various internet articles (e.g. )
  8. Andrea Barrett

    Hi @Majda To make sure we're all on the same page: by 'needs-trauma' I was abbreviating what I define as the category of 'trauma which relates to not getting one's needs met- in particular the original childhood trauma where one's unique needs (emotional, physical, etc.) were not met'. I suppose an empath stops or escapes their 'needs-trauma', by: -> creating defense 'personalities' okay with this separation from satiety. In addition to the idea of 'personalities' one can substitute 'thought-patterns personified into sub-selves'. Essentially: empaths (and non-empaths) identify with the feeling of not getting one's needs met, as that is the initial 'normal' and thus familiar. This identification crucially occurs via justifying rationalisations and any sort of thoughts which invalidate the need. An example: An empath stops/escaping their needs might have the belief (rooted in the thought) of being 'weak' if they need a break from people, with the context of being an introvert in an extrovert household, and their identification with the action opposite to meeting their need would be that possessing the belief (i.e. repeatedly returning to the thought) that one is 'strong' and 'good' if they successfully forces themselves to go against their need of alone-time. ->Also, I am sure there are other ways; the above was just the most immediate to spring to mind...
  9. Andrea Barrett

    This is so very true! I've been mulling over this idea recently; you articulate clearly the classic journey of realising that one has been invalidated due to others' own fears of one's exposing charades, which is important for reclaiming the sovereignty of one's own intuition. Something additional: I think it is worth being cautious referring too often to ideas of 'Empath' and 'Narcissist', because after the identities have served their purpose -validating one's experiences- there is the danger of them becoming a 'black-and-white', dualistic, good-and-bad, 'othering' lens which robs one seeing the humanity of the 'Narcissist', and invalidates the shadow aspect of the 'Empath' which is a 'Narcissist'. This shadow aspect often remains dormant, and usually is only activated when the person (Empath) is feeling deeply powerless to create their life, plus are in a state where needs-trauma is triggered , hence the identity aspect of Narcissist, with its modus operandi of manipulation. Without re-humanising (and integrating) Narcissism it remains ostracised, and seen as the 'perpetrator rather than the hurt child who didn't get their emotional needs met, which is at the heart of the adult's narcissism. A final caveat is that in certain situations, when one feels powerless to someone we perceive to be a narcissist, it is of course helpful to give them the role of 'the other', in order to disconnect from enmeshment and meet one's need for safety, authentic interaction, and (naturally) validation.
  10. Andrea Barrett

    I agree @Alex7 that often the root of desiring attention-fame- can be experiencing the opposite. I also think that often it can occur from the positive of wanting to express one's creativity through the medium of music, acting, etc. and that since these are prized cultural spheres celebrity is the side-byproduct. And perhaps occasionally certain celebrities are actually in resistance to attention and fame- and thus attract it! Recently I was thinking about these questions you are curious about @Majda and I agree that a proportion of celebrities (as with all of humanity) are aware of 'the metaphysical'. For instance, Lana del Rey, alludes to the idea of manifesting one's physical form and death being the end of one's soul present incarnation, via the metaphor of 'clothes' in her song 'Lust for Life', , whereby her 'boyfriend' is death, and the beginning and end of the video takes a cosmic space perspective to contextualise it. Additionally, I have this pet theory that celebrities use the sensory condition 'synesthesia' as a euphemism for extrasensory perception. One celebrity I am quite sure is extrasensory is 'Lorde', i.e. Ella Yellich O'Connor. The interviews which has allusions to it: Lastly, I wonder if all those in positions of fame are 'mirrors' for the collective..?
  11. Andrea Barrett

    hello Michelle @mcprince23 it sounds like you've been through a lot. It seems to me that, like many people moving away from a narcissist-codependent dynamic (myself included), it might assist you to: 1. focus on listening to your inner voice (intuition); 2. improving self-trust, and 3. prioritize meeting your needs (especially regarding relationships with others). Doing these processes , I've noticed, ultimately involves creating a delicate balance between focusing on oneself as a validly independent person (capable 'to create', as an individual) & the aspect of oneself that is validly dependent on others (has the need of connection and assistance from others). Nurturing both aspects allows you to increase your connection to your higher self ,while also building new connections to other people. The both are important, since it sounds like you desire both freedom from this person, while simultaneously crave connection to this person; these mixed desires perhaps are keeping you stuck. Lastly, in addition to the suggestions above (all of which teal has videos about) one final thing I myself am doing to work through a similar situation is to integrate the shadow within myself - of the qualities of a narcissist, so as to no longer be a match to them by virtue of them mirroring that suppressed aspect. Hope this helps, and remember that if you feel conflicted relative to various outside suggestions, ultimately your own inner voice is worth much more than what others have to say about your situation Andrea
  12. Andrea Barrett

    Just read your blog post on why you changed your name... you write so beautifully; the ending whee it all fit together was so poetic. The idea of collaboration between tealtribe members, even if only via sharing blog links, sounds great. (I have been considering getting a blog for a while. A way of expressing information and ideas on esoteric topics. And for some reason, this has catalyzed me into finally beginning... it's in the baby stages, nothing created yet except title and link; so I guess mine is:
  13. Andrea Barrett

    Speaking as someone who had an aggressive form of blood cancer (and used both chemo and worked on emotional root causes, in 2015, and would attribute both as why I have been in remission for over a year), I would try to see things from her perspective, and work from there to work out how you might be able to help. Imagine being really really ill..... always exhausted because you're body can't take in nutrients well, and you're scared and in pain, and overwhelmed emotionally from your diagnosis and all the potential implications of what it means, and grieving for plans that now have to change, along with still carrying the weight of childhood traumas which now more than ever are being mirrored back by your environment at a unprecedented rate (so basically constantly triggered)... and you have doctors telling you one thing, and the internet saying all sorts of things, and now there's an old friend saying another. Potentially adding to the feeling of being overwhelmed. By telling her she should do things a certain way, it may be adding more stress and fear into her life, as well as invalidate her own ability to be in touch with what is best for her. As much as you may want to help, and as much as the CP might be most needed by someone like her, it would be wise to be careful about what subconscious message you are sending your old friend by asserting recommendations. Better to wait for her to ask for your advice than to give it unasked for. It may be wiser to encourage her to self-empower herself with research and encourage her to express what she truly wants to do- with her treatment (as an 'active' patient) and in everyday life (to 'follow her bliss'). Trusting her- her having the experience of someone validating her own internal guidance system- in my opinion is one of the best things you can do. Even if your old friend ends up making choices that contradict your personal beliefs. Take care not to project the need to validate your own beliefs on to her situation, or your own fears!
  14. Andrea Barrett

    I always thought they were taken down as they had Teal's ex husband in them (Sarbdeep), and after their break up he wanted to be removed from her videos, so out of respect for his wishes of privacy she took the whole series down.
  15. Andrea Barrett

    Enter your birth date and time into a natal chart calculator online, e.g. or Your rising sign can also be called ones Ascendant sign, so look out for either description... there'll be a long list of various signs, from sun and rising to moon and mercury, etc. What I like about these websites it that there's a pictoral depiction of ones natal chart... does anyone know how to attach a copy of ones chart in a post? (I've tried but it won't let me copy and paste a screenshot.) Incidentally, I'm Aries sun, with Pisces Rising EDIT: just tried out entering my details in multiple free online calculators, and some say I'm Pisces Rising, others Aquarius Rising...I wonder how one can more definitely calculate ones rising a way I'm in the same boat as you, @Mind's Eye 2nd Edit: It turns out the difference of half an hour on when you were born (and enter into the calculator) can be the difference between different signs! (Pisces rising it is)...