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  1. Somehow I just got your notification. 3 years later! Wow. Well, my thought is that Teal is a reflector by human design and she literally is a walking mirror. People are triggered by what they cannot perceive in themselves and so it's all about the other being bad, in this case Teal. For instance, there's this one person I can't remember her name now, she was a part of Teals community and then one day she changed sides and she's working as a person who is in her head exposing Teal, a cult leader or whatever. She went so far that she contacted Teals abuser and made an 80 thousand word long interview with him and the entire interview is disgusting. People in the comments who don't know about Teal are even warning this woman (I think she's called Cameron) that this guy she has an interview with, is sketchy. If I can't control myself I will go to incredible lengths to try and control the world around me, project on it and this seems to be the case with Teal. Teal talks about bravery a lot and I'm getting to understand what she means by it. You really need a handful of bravery to be walking this path of self discovery. Hot damn, sorry for such a delay!
  2. @Garnet These people are suffering to the point they drag others into it. It's the most severe type of human disconnection and suffering. It's a sad and horrendous way of getting their power back and making other people see and feel them.
  3. @Garnet It's true: "You are not your emotions". You are not your thoughts, your body and so on. I feel sad or I am sad, are two different things. I feel sad therefore I will accept it as a part of me and not try to push it away or hide from it. Not dealing with what ever comes up NOW and just shoving down the throat these spiritual concepts, is a spiritual bypass. It's similar to having constant negative beliefs about self and go about it by saying positive affirmations like: "I am beautiful, I am worthy, . . ." It feels invalidating IF we don't really believe and feel we are all that. But also, what about those negative beliefs? Saying an opposite affirmation has nothing to do with looking into them, but running away from them. If in a computer game we are at level a 45, we can't have or understand level 469. There's a few hundred levels in between to go through before we conquer whatever is at level 469. So if someone is suicidal and we come at them saying: "Honey, you're not your emotions." it's freaking invalidating, triggering and it can boost their suicidality and feeling like their alone in this. This is why not every teaching is for everyone, we are all at different levels of understanding and our needs are different. I don't know about correlation between shitty emotions and shitty personality because I wouldn't know what is meant by shitty emotions and personality. Besides just being a concept, and what shitty is to me it might not be to someone else.
  4. I love to discuss these things. You are welcome. In a video above, Teal talks about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) also known as Emotionally unstable personality disorder. BPD is a personality disorder, while Bipolar disorder (type 1 and type 2) that I mentioned above, is a mood disorder. People with personality disorders have a dysfunctional patterns of thinking, feeling, functioning and behaving, also perceiving and relating to their environment. While people with conditions like Bipolar or Depression, Anxiety and such, don't have personality dysregulation, they have mood dysregulation. You're right, people with BPD feel like they're not good enough which can result in self hate, self harm, and so on. While impulsive shopping and similar is as you said, a consequence of a lack of self. But there's 256 possible combinations of BPD so not 2 people with it, can be the same. It's messed up really because rarely anyone can help them. People use excuses that it's impossible to help them when in reality it's not that hard but people working in psychology field invalidate people with BPD which is exactly what people with BPD experienced in their developmental environment. Using tools that caused trauma will make them the hardest patients to work with and this is exactly what's happening.
  5. What you mentioned is typical behaviour for pw/Bipolar Type 1 and pw/BPD. It's impulsive behaviour. Pw/BPD do this because they have no sense of self, so perhaps similar to a teenage behaviour they seek out and try what fits them and their identity but in a more self destructive way than a teenager would perhaps. It can be anything: getting a tattoo, changing names, changing hair colour, getting different haircuts, impulsive shopping, road rage, travelling, changing jobs, and so on. At the end of the day nothing suits or satisfies them in the long run, so it's similar to a "reality crash" on drugs and then eventually they repeat this behaviour. It's like trying to fill an empty hole that cannot be filled. At least not this way. While pw Bipolar 1 experience this feeling of euphoria (mania) that can last for different amounts of time, usually days upon weeks. The difference between these two here is that a pw/BPD will go through this in a few hours or in a day and it doesn't last long (because emotional instability) while a pw/Bipolar 1 is up high for longer periods of time.
  6. Ana ♡


    How to stop being gaslight - that is the question.
  7. This is so validating, OMG, wooh!
  8. Ana ♡

    Birmingham Workshop 2018

    Too many deeply suppressed walls here to work with lol.
  9. Ana ♡

    Chicago Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    Oh my freaking God, thank you!
  10. I can't believe how easy and not so expensive it is to make this. Just LOL. Did it today, it's really good. Yum, yum, yum. Thanks for the recipe.
  11. Finally a logical explanation about flower of life. People put it everwhere not even understanding what it is.
  12. Reading this comments, I'm wondering if anyone has actually read her words.
  13. Ana ♡

    Scoliosis, Asthma

    I'm also wondering about that. Because if we're not growing anymore, how to literally move bones without touching them? Like in surgery. My yoga teacher said there are some exercises for it. WIll try it because it's starting to bother me. I feel like I'm not sitting straight.

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