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  1. MagickMoore

    Funny Movies

    I love Will Ferrell too! Anchorman definitely makes my list along with Zoolander and Spy! Also I have another Melissa McCarthy movie: Identity Thief! OMG so funny and I can't believe you've seen What About Bob I seriously feel like the only one who has seen that one besides my family! I love almost everything Bill Murray has done. My official list also includes Scrooged Christmas Vacation Zombieland Forgetting Sarah Marshall (also fits with your spoof theme if you haven't seen it you should!) and The Naked Gun...or maybe Young Frankenstein...guess I have to
  2. MagickMoore

    Star Wars

    Yep. Blake and Jar Jar are totally interchangeable. LOL just kidding ? It's probably true though.
  3. That is exactly the way I felt when I went to Thailand. There was actually a resort being built behind one single lean-to where someone lived beside the road there. It was amazing. I couldn't believe what I was seeing at the time. But since I've returned I see how the experience opened my eyes to the things we do that are the same here in America. I'm glad you got to put that course together! I can't wait to see you and Laura in action together!
  4. MagickMoore

    Are Ancient Gods Real?

    I love finding things that confirm what I intuitively know about my past life experiences. Thank you!
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