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    Hello there, other self! A great deal of the lessons and experiences that you so beautifully shared have been going on in my own life, and so I thought I'd share some of my own experiences, in the hopes that they might shed some light for you as well. For years, like you, I was always outside looking in; feeling alone and misunderstood. ..But I came to recognize that while it was true that I manifested relationships with lots of people who I did NOT mesh with for the sake of the contrast it would provide, in the end it was my own tendency to continue to assume that others wouldn't be like me or understand me (or accept my authentic self) that kept it going through the years. The fear of that rejection tended to result in a closed-off approach, and one I refused to consciously recognize since I was self-rejecting in general as well. It is possible that since you have some similar feelings of separatism going on, and conflicting fragments (seeing as you feel pulled in different directions), with their resistence to taking the leap to connect with others, that you are also still going off of old core beliefs and fears of rejection. It's inspirational that you had the courage to post here, though! What a great and healthy/beneficial step! It's giving yourself the opportunity to have proof that you are not alone in your ways of thinking. Something I'm not sure I would have had that same courage to do back when. In any case, I hope this helps, and that you continue to be the awesome progressive you are. (Well, of course you will, what am I saying!) Anyhoo, all the best to you.