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  1. In regard to the questions on free will and examples - I can share what I believe this to mean to me as an example....I have always worked for others to make a living and neglected my own desire to move forward with my own writing - to make progress in some fashion. This seems so daunting because I have to do it on my limited free time and I blow it off and make excuses not to do it. But no matter what stress and obstacles I face in my life - and there have been many - it is my own free will that chooses to drink or to nap or to be lazy instead of taking steps in my own writing. I have to c
  2. This blog is so fascinating. I love how you take your readers on your journeys and let us experience the magic of travel with you. I love your insights and perceptions that go beyond the normal world. I love that it’s not only interesting and entertaining, but also gives some invaluable knowledge and guidance on how to be happy - there is such a need for this as everyone feels so alone and so desperately wants to feel better and take steps to live a more fulfilling life. You are an amazing writer. You putting these gems out into the world is such a wonderful gift. Thank you!

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