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  1. In regard to the questions on free will and examples - I can share what I believe this to mean to me as an example....I have always worked for others to make a living and neglected my own desire to move forward with my own writing - to make progress in some fashion. This seems so daunting because I have to do it on my limited free time and I blow it off and make excuses not to do it. But no matter what stress and obstacles I face in my life - and there have been many - it is my own free will that chooses to drink or to nap or to be lazy instead of taking steps in my own writing. I have to choose to do the writing instead. But I need to understand that I’m not superwoman - I still need to be a good employee to my job, a good wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister....and I still need to be lazy at times and give myself a break. But to be totally authentic I need to make strides in my writing as well. And I will be so glad I did. Those strides could be finally finalizing my concept for my writing project so it has a solid direction to start - will it be a blog, novel, musical, article, play, memoir, self-help book or children’s book? Or will it be taking the steps to try and publish the two children’s books or the coffee table book I’ve already conceived and written? Could it be going on a writing retreat or even finding a local writing club where I can join with others who can help me on my journey to bring my own writing into the world? Whatever desire you’ve been thinking about, how can you make that come to fruition, even if in baby steps...but use your free will to take those steps in your free time, however limited, and try to connect with others who can help you on your journey. Focusing our free will and making choices to move toward realizing our authentic desires will make us happier and healthier. It is true, this could be said for any year, but maybe, just maybe, this is the year I will finally make some progress by choosing to take action for my own desires that I’ve been denying.
  2. This blog is so fascinating. I love how you take your readers on your journeys and let us experience the magic of travel with you. I love your insights and perceptions that go beyond the normal world. I love that it’s not only interesting and entertaining, but also gives some invaluable knowledge and guidance on how to be happy - there is such a need for this as everyone feels so alone and so desperately wants to feel better and take steps to live a more fulfilling life. You are an amazing writer. You putting these gems out into the world is such a wonderful gift. Thank you!
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