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  1. TaylorM

    Rose Garden

    I like all of what you said here, well said!
  2. TaylorM

    Personal Truth

    whoa i cant wait for this one
  3. TaylorM

    Life In One Word

    a mystery
  4. TaylorM

    Dangerous Assumptions

    I am still in a state of healing so i'm unable to trust myself fully - please someone define what assumption is. I'm worried I am assuming I am wrong about people that hurt me and my boyfriend. Like, maybe I should go about my situation in a different way...? I may be assuming they are worse than what they are? I need some clarification. With that being said we nearly both didn't go somewhere today due to assuming there would be bad weather, but it ended up being not that bad. These are two extremes and I don't know how to take this message
  5. TaylorM

    Today's Forecast - Be Excited!

    you got 600k on youtube!
  6. TaylorM

    Toxic Masculinity

    i genuinely have no idea why people hate this ad so much
  7. TaylorM

    Wash Your Vegetables!

    wow i had no idea, thanks!
  8. TaylorM

    Mercury Retrograde

    Good on you! I’ve said to my mum either accept that you’ve hurt me in the past, or leave basically. I’ll be hearing back in about a week. If you have tips on how to not take a negative reaction personally that’d be great but otherwise, just got to wait for her response. Thank you!
  9. TaylorM

    Mercury Retrograde

    I dont follow astrology, i came on here right after setting boundaries with my mum, wow :')
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