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  1. Quintin

    Energy Technology Pt2

    That Gold one is $5,000 Damn! medic green is the one Ill get on a one off huge sale hopefully haha. Do you have orgonite pyramids Teal?
  2. Not much to read here and no ones gonna read this.. but lets be honest.. still better than Twitter.

  3. It would be absolutely amazing to hear Teal sing.. Lay some vocals for spotifiy?? HInt Hint
  4. Quintin

    Wash Your Vegetables!

    Is this from 2012?
  5. Quintin

    Positivity Crystals

    Teal for the love of god can you please do a vibrational diagnosis of Moldavite! Cheers Homie
  6. Quintin

    Always Work Mode

    I think Blake and Teal should swap lives for a week. Blake can do teals workshops... (Probably just turn into some weird stand up style interview routine) and Teal can think of observational comedic jokes every now and 24/7. You are welcome

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