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  1. Michael Crawfish

    Someone always serves the role of critic (devil's advocate) for the sake of contrast. It should be a celebrated role because it allows us to evaluate and challenge our own beliefs. The critic archetype is divine in its own right! I agree with your words on anger/fear. I would encourage you to refrain from engaging in conflict unnecessarily, even though it can be really tempting. Everyone's perspective is valid, and we have to honor that (haha trust me I'm with you).
  2. Michael Crawfish

    Objective truth is not something one can choose. However, building a subjective reality in which one can become stable enough to accept objective truths is the first step. Greater (objective) truths have to be gradually accepted as one becomes capable of understanding/integrating them. - Michael
  3. Michael Crawfish

    Hey Emily! The answer is...BOTH! The future is not set in stone. The beauty about tarot cards is that they act as a tool of divination. So essentially, you can get an idea of what you are currently in-alignment with. What's even cooler about tarot cards is that they have now provided you a means to potentially dodge a bullet! The best tarot readers not only read your (most potential) future, but assist you in changing yourself in the now to affect change in the future. The reason tarot cards are so accurate is because most people do not actively reflect and make drastic changes to their way of thinking/being/behaving. Therefore, you can usually count on a perceived (near) future coming into fruition. That being said, with this awareness you have the unique opportunity to act as a catalyst for change! You are completely correct, there is no set future. Hope this provided some clarification and took some of the spook out of the cards! Blessings, - Michael
  4. Michael Crawfish

    While definitely fascinating, astrology is a tool just like any other modality. I would step away from it for a while, sounds like you are running the risk of letting the tool become the master! It's always good to remember that there are so many more influences out there that all work together to create an individual (numerology, experience, etc). You may notice contradictions within your own charts, and that is because they are just meant to give you a general idea rather than hard truth. At the end of the day, astrology is something fun and supplemental. It should reflect what you are in the current moment, not make you feel like you have to adjust yourself to meet someone else's description of what you may potentially be like! Blessings, - Michael
  5. Michael Crawfish

    Hey Leroy! Trust your gut man, if it doesn't sound right...chances are it isn't. Sorry you're going through this struggle. Best of luck! Blessings, - Michael
  6. Michael Crawfish

    Haha, while nothing is impossible, I suspect an energetic contraceptive is something that takes a great deal of mastery/understanding of the inner workings of reality. I would stick with traditional methods and maybe supplement some energetic work. Based on Teal's teachings I would even wonder if "none shall pass" would imply resistance/persistence, therefore bringing the undesired circumstance even closer! Best of luck! Blessings, - Michael
  7. Oftentimes words get in the way. Verbal communication is something we have grown to be heavily reliant on, however it is the nonverbal that is the most powerful. Nothing beats a genuine and loving hug. So many people just need to be hugged. All people just need to be acknowledged and understood/seen for exactly as they are. Let your daughter know that you see how she feels and accept her just as she is. Best of luck! Blessings, - Michael
  8. Michael Crawfish

    Hey Lisa! What's so awesome is that you actually get to decide what that energetic sensation means to you! There are countless terms and constructs/modalities you could lose yourself in...but ultimately they are just tools/conduits to allow yourself focus and validation. Belief is the most powerful tool, so theoretically you could just make up your own modality and go on a healing spree. Or, you could do absolutely nothing with it. Follow your heart and realize you are under no pressure or responsibility other than that which you apply upon yourself. Excited for you! Blessings, - Michael
  9. Michael Crawfish

    I would absolutely agree with Teal on this. You reap what you sow. If you heal and assist others, you will also receive healing and assistance. Hell, considered from the perspective that we are all one, healing others is simultaneously healing yourself. And taking further into account that belief plays a MAJOR role in your subjective experience...just by believing that helping others will help yourself, you open an even greater opportunity for your own personal healing! Haha, what a mouthful. Best of luck! Blessings, - Michael
  10. Michael Crawfish

    The problem most people face with attraction is that they seek from a state of lack. I would say trying is failing. Being is succeeding. Therefore, acting/emulating as if you already have what you desire would be the most fruitful. Of course I realize such a thing is easier said than done. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it, but for those who master it, the rewards are endless. Best of luck, any desire is already yours...you just have to own it! P.S. You can never truly lose something or mess up beyond redemption...free yourself from guilt and fear, everything has divine purpose! Blessings, - Michael
  11. Michael Crawfish

    The awesome part about reiki and other healing experiences is that they are highly subjective/personal. It sounds to me like you already know exactly what it means, you're just seeking further validation. I'm backing up what you already suspect! Blessings, - Michael
  12. Michael Crawfish

    Hey man, don't sweat it. Trying is failing. Being is succeeding. As long as you view yourself as feminine/emasculated, you will be. Change your thoughts, change your habits, change your life. Masculine traits come naturally with the increase of testosterone, which actually increases through behavior/thoughts/lifestyle. Workout, make sure you are completing all your dietary needs. Do some power poses, challenge yourself to do new and intimidating things. Don't dis your feminine side to counter-balance the emasculation. Bring both halves into full expression and find your inner confidence. Go for it and have fun in the process. Best of luck man! Blessings, - Michael
  13. There are scary experiences to be had, for sure. However, is it ever worth it to fear reality itself? That only ever leads to psychosis and self-destruction. The ultimate empowerment comes from finding peace in the most turbulent moments, or in their passing. When I experience similar situations, I let go, because living reality in fear is not living at all. By trusting in divinity within everything, you allow divinity to reveal itself in everything. Beliefs are the foundation/interpretation of your experiences. You may not control everything that happens, but you can decide how to interpret said happenings. Freedom is laughing in the face of insanity/chaos. Next time have faith that all will be well, and perhaps something magical will present itself. Blessings, - Michael
  14. Michael Crawfish

    To live one's life in a constant state of defense is to basically not live at all. There are certainly dangers to be heeded, but I would argue that the expectation and vigilance against such dangers draw them nearer. If not physically, then in spirit. Where do your thoughts dwell? From a state of fear we are controlled and the most vulnerable. From a state of defense we are rendered incapable because our hands are occupied with shield and sword. There is a time to hunker down, and there is a time to move on. Anyways, love the story and message! Thanks for sharing. Blessings, - Michael
  15. Michael Crawfish

    The ultimate freedom in life is laughing. You can take every thought with absolute seriousness, and become psychotic as a result. You may fully believe something one moment, and feel completely different the next. Everything is always changing, always flowing. Thoughts are material offered by the infinite to either be harnessed or ignored. We are always being offered a new perspective, but half the beauty is in the choice of what to accept into our reality. The real question is, what do you want to believe? And what is preventing you from doing so? Blessings, - Michael