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  1. NewMooninTaurus

    What does the entity feel like? What are you feeling? I've had this happen to me I try to take its power away till I get to the feeling l state that lead me to being possessed then I accept it but that might not be right for everyone but it worked for me.
  2. NewMooninTaurus

    Scot these oceans have different feelings to them to and different depth source would just be potential it doesn't really exist right or no?
  3. NewMooninTaurus

    This is so hard for me to grasp I just feel fear when I read it Taking a scholarly aproach helps me to
  4. NewMooninTaurus

    Maybe it's just a fragmented self or borderline personality disorder: meaning the fragmented self that is scared of abandonment or did I fracture to mental illness?
  5. Near Death Experience/Spiritual Awakening People tell me to hate science but I seriously think something is wrong with my brain I feel slow sometimes then other times I feel genius. In 2017 I smoked weed that was laced and blacked out from anxiety and I lost conciousness and woke up somewhere else and didn't remember who I was I hit myself in the head and ran away I ended up hitting a concrete wall hitting a bunch of metal chairs and smacking on the brick and I think I had a sezuire. I couldn't understand language. Do you think this was fight or flight? And is it normal that my coginative ability still goes up and down. Teal helped me but I just looking for answers I take meds and the doctors gave me a diagnosis so I can get disability I still want to be healed though
  6. NewMooninTaurus

    What Teal does is also the first step to a healthy realtionship When I was little my mom always rejected my feelings and made me feel like I was making up how I felt in order to get something from her. I felt like everything I felt was a lie and I was trained to think that was the case but I knew it wasn't true. I got frustrated when my boyfriend never understood me but I wanted to be loved and love him so desperately. So I always try to validate his feelings and he does the same.
  7. NewMooninTaurus

    I use true statements to understand metaphysical concepts. Things like psychology and politics are metaphysical You guys use your the abstract part of your brain too much you could find the answer faster if you went step by step
  8. NewMooninTaurus

    I believe we are interdependent I think we should exchange ideas. That doesn't mean that should be a healer and person that needs to be healed that's very on sided unless it's someone who is a healer. Why can't someone who's healing can't offer anything?
  9. NewMooninTaurus

    That makes perfect sense for all realtionships. So that's what leads to certain dynamics then. I started keeping track of stuff like that and I will observe myself when it's happening so that even if my boyfriend doesn't notice I can correct course and avoid the painful realtionship dynamic. It's about staying authentic in a realtionship.
  10. NewMooninTaurus

    I feel like I'm a rabbit and people keep tossing carrots at me so I get closer and closer and then they are going to trap me under a basket and eat me. So I hide in my rabbit hole.
  11. NewMooninTaurus

    Or are you talking about belief?
  12. NewMooninTaurus

    I have poor boundaries and a bunch of walls with people just cause I care what people think about me and I hate when they don't know me or think I'm someone else. My boundaries are poor cause I crave connection and looking like an idiot of self conscious or stupid. What is the context though? lol