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  1. Hi Lisa-Milena, Thanks so much for your help! This is very valuable. And your English is great so don't worry about it I will definitely look into the books and exercises you recommended and yes it seems very logical that the present moment is the safe space. That is a very good advice! Thanks so much for taking the time to help me further
  2. Inability to create safety in Safe Haven and Support Figures Hi everyone, I purchased Teals book a couple of days ago and really find it super logical which appeals to me. However, trying the approach I come accross some difficulties. When I try to imagine a Safe Haven there is always something that makes it unsafe, e.g. a witch flying in and poisining my healing water, or bullets being shot through the roof into my Safe Haven or people attacking etc. Even my Safety Support Figure converts into a monster and it doesn't matter who I choose as a Safety Support Figure. Actually when I am with my inner child even I can convert into someone abusive. That is not exactly what I wanted haha 😄 I guess it should reflect the lack of safety I feel as well as the lack of trust I have in myself to make myself feel safe. Now I was wondering what to do about it. I just watched a video of Teal 'How to meet your needs' and 'Feeling Signature'. I guess I will start off with those to help me feel safe. I haven't tried that yet though and was wondering whether someone maybe has another idea how I can create more safety during my Completion Process? Thanks so much in advance Andrea