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  1. Wow....that was the toughest day during the training
  2. In love with your writing Teal. It reminds me my own language Urdu ??
  3. Julia wolf

    Prague Workshop 2016 - 3/3

    This is the most intense and workshop I have ever experienced. The last bit was.....couldn’t stop crying myself, felt how I missed being there.
  4. Julia wolf

    Prague Workshop 2016 - 2/3

    Perhaps for the first time I have seen Teal being super gentle to the audience as she was walking on a glass floor. The audience was also seemed fragile vibrationally. Loved the entire unspoken/tacit connection process during the workshop
  5. Julia wolf

    Ooze Tubes

    Getting in touch with the inner child.....revive sense of wonder
  6. Julia wolf

    Phoenix Workshop 2016 - 2/2

    Teal mentioned about a clinical trial to be conducted on CP. Had this study been done? I would really like to read that study if published. I am a public health practitioner but with a background in social sciences and think it would be really helpful for people working on mental illnesses in Pakistan. I would request Teal’s team if they could to please share the study. thank you
  7. for me there was a ahah moment when Teal said that the part of us in pain is like 4 years old and actually very aware. Earlier I thought it needs awareness but now I think IT IS awareness ?
  8. Dear Teal’s Team can you please give me reference of the fact that Teal talked at 1:05:20 about a french king who reformed healthcare around the idea of motherhood to reduce infant mortality? thank you
  9. I learned from somewhere a term 'teachable moments' and I really liked that being a teacher myself in a pubic health school. But the way Teal chooses to enlighten everybody with a teachable moment (though every moment is a teachable moment) is quite thought provoking. I really love/hate the way she uses our desperation to our own advantage to catch up with the answer and let us drown there and than help us rise up. I loved that bit when that person asked the question about whether integration is a one time process or a continuous thing ?
  10. Julia wolf

    Frozen in Time

    You look tired and exhausted Teal ? Glad you will spend sometime with your son ?
  11. One of the finest pieces I have ever read and felt. Thank you Teal. May you have long life ??
  12. Julia wolf


    Dear Teal You spoke my heart inside out. I also feel that there is something we need to do so that people start to feel sense of belonging on TT. What I have learned from my community engagement work is that DEEP LISTENING to other person works. In deep listening you are trying to appreciate the other person by reflect his/her own feelings and thoughts. Psychologically, it gives the other person idea that the person listening had actually heard what they had to say and feel validated. This creates a space for both listener and the one who is the speaker. This is the first step perhaps. I found few friends from TT just because of deep listening. It is like you tune into the other. Some people do it naturally, others need to practice it and develop it like a skill. I read once in a book on community engagement a facilitator asked a community worker "are you are radio or a recorder?" and the person said earlier I used to be a radio with people, always projecting what I had to say to the people and never listening to what they had to say to me. But now I am a recorder, I listen to people's concerns and try to BE with them. I subscribe to an approach to community engagement which is based on the principles of appreciative inequiry and using people's strength to create sense of belonging. I am a member of the organization who discovered this approach in context of HIV/AIDS. Here is an overview of the approach https://www.communitylifecompetence.org/our-approach.html . How can we do that in on an online platform must be a challenge. But I think it would be worthwhile to experiment. Thanks for bringing this issue up. Love Sohail
  13. Julia wolf

    Resistant To Teal

    thank you Teal for sharing this ... I appreciate your openness. Sharing heart felt energies with you ?
  14. This was lurking in my heart somewhere as I am longing for connections with a mission few months back. I am so excited with this idea of creating intentional communities. Happy to be part of its cocreation.
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