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    Yes Healing Crystals is an amazing store, ive bought from there for years
  2. Free intuitive readings + crystal readings! It has been YEARS since I've been on Teal Tribe! Things are very different and I don't see any familiar faces. That's, okay, time to meet new people! I'm Rachael and I love doing intuitive readings I am a certified crystal healer and energy worker. Back when I used to frequent Teal Tribe, we would often swap services (like I would do a reading for someone, and they would do Reiki for me etc). Today for my first day back on Teal Tribe I'd like to give away a few free intuitive readings! Normally my readings are $55.00 but once in a while over social media I will give away a few free ones. Energy here on earth has been pretty dark lately so now is a good time I think. To get a reading: Go to my website, read the policy, choose a reading Email me with subject line"Teal Tribe" and tell me which reading you would like. Leave a Facebook review Please tell your friends +family about my intuitive readings and let me know if you own a spiritual business too! Here's to forming new Teal Tribe relationships.