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    Joining a new university It was my dream to take admission at UBC, Vancouver. I am happy to say that I was able to fulfill my dreams. I got admission for general science. I was very firm about my decision to study at UBC. If I continue my studies, it will be only at UBC and not any other places. I love their campus very much. I love their campus very much. It's a safe and comfortable place for study, fun, and hang out. I hope it will be a great experience for me. I made a detailed investigation of the facilities they provide and I was quite satisfied with everything. The campus is quite pleasing and safe. I checked the hostel accommodation and I am very satisfied with it. I checked the UBC campus food menu and it is comfortable and affordable for me. Since I have to save money for my studies, books, and fees, I am going for a shared accommodation. But I don't know with whom I am going to share the room. I am a person with my own disciplines and I need my space. It will be difficult for me to adjust, but I hope I can manage it. How did you manage situations like this?
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    Hi Hi, I am new here.