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  1. Ruiha

    Curveball Workshop - 2018 - Part 2/2

    The ask teal episode on Akashic récords has some dimension content. Otherwise the earlier interviews about aliens or angels
  2. What would be reflected back? People who want your approval and affection and other obnoxious people who act like you don’t matter?
  3. Ruiha

    Recipe - Teal's Tamales

    You missed out the part were you eat them ? I’ve never had tamales. That filling looked delicious
  4. Ruiha

    Resistance Demo

    Crap it was getting good
  5. Ruiha

    Teal's Favorite Crystals

    I wrap crystals in copper wire. To wear as pendants. My daughter recently asked me if the crystals liked it. She said they didn’t. What do y’all intuite?
  6. Ruiha

    Source's Loneliness

    Side note. I see you decided to do a frequency painting on glass. Can you do another frequency painting update?
  7. Ruiha

    Codependent In Bed

    Where can we find this interview? The Best thing about the volume of interviews? its when you capture these moments! Thank you guys for all the work that you are doing ??
  8. Ruiha

    Chicago Workshop 2018 - 1/2

    The laughing at the aspect of not wanting to be productive from the audience is making me angry. If I were to be vulnerable this is what would happen to me. This is my mother and my oldest sisters response to any thing they deemed as weakness
  9. Ruiha


    This is so good
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