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  1. stace

    Teal's Parents' Back Yard

    Hi Teal, Updates such as this one SURELY QUANTIFIES the "fuzzy bounderies " aspect where there is an immersiveness between two humans..... thank you ?, stace
  2. stace

    False Humility

    Congrats! Ditto. , ???
  3. .....what if you ( me) don’t have any friends...? ( seriously ) ???
  4. stace

    Dinner By Teal

    Good stuff kids,.... Happy Moms Day Teal! ?[,stace
  5. stace

    A Message To Sex Abuse Victims

    Again, MUCH ?&? to the DREAM TEAM of Teal & Dr Laura! ?, stace
  6. Agreed! im a little concerned now tho about my OWN illusionary overlay re TEAL and her “participation “ in my ???
  7. thoughts: i will be the “ snake oil charmer” @ all the upcoming music and “lifestyle “ festivals this summer/fall (2019) IN &/or FOR (including setting up / take down / traveling to & fro) booths for “hawking” TEAL ? Frequency Merch! I will do this gratis! ( you guys provide travel expenses & festival fees) sl henderson CentralCoast SurfHers (
  8. So if I’m to understand the message the KEY being that the “ healing ( sexual) activity “ be CONSENSUAL? ( Im going to have to presume that an aire of AUTHENTICITY by way of mutual communication was first reached then right?) ???
  9. stace


    EXACTLY my point Alison.....maybe I should have CAPPED/ italicized “ the process “ of mirroring & not just “START”? Either way, @ the very least , you and I have just gave credence that shows how “the RESISTANCE “ works in LOA. Thanks Teal! ? ?,stace (aka ???) ps Ai card??
  10. stace

    The Re-Do

    I am SO STOKED to hear/see/feel you & Dr Laura TOGETHER! Mahalo Nui Loa Teal! stace
  11. stace

    Are You Ready?

    ? Teal. Righteous Into Me SEEN. ?, stace
  12. stace

    Intimacy & Trust

    I love, LOVE ,????? hearing, seeing ,feeling these two “EXTRAORDINARY Women” percolate! ? Teal! ? Dr. Laura! ?, stace
  13. stace


    I wonder what would ( will ?) happen if ( when ? ) all the aforementioned “ nouns “ ( people, places & things) cease trying to “ prove “ something ( anything?) & START the process of mirroring ? just sayn. ???
  14. stace

    Picture Time

    Good Morning Teal & Team..... ....happy days yeah? Catching up on Premium “content “ this a.m. with a couple of questions. 1) Teal, what do you use as / for your “meta ( physical ) filter “ when it’s all said and done ( i.e. after a training /workshop ) during the photo opp w / for everyone......wait never mind! ( asked & answered) ? 2) WHEN is the next on line Synchronization Workshop? ( Jonesing bad) ?, ???
  15. stace

    False Humility

    So So JoooooooooooNathan..... when you say you would “fuck with someone” if YOU think it will benefit THEM in someway..... am I to understand the INTENTION of this “statement of your practice?” Totally serious here....give me the modalities of how this practice is perceived by, 1) you 2) the person at the other end of your fuck stick 3) the totality of those around you ( i.e. the office where you work w/ them, the cause your peeps are supporting, the environment in which you can “accomplish” said fucking. ( unless of course it’s just you and your int
  16. stace

    Welcome To Marwen

    Well FUK! enuff said. please watch your snail mail. ( & please PLEASE, have your vibe radar focused & tuned in....especially during the eve...perhaps taking a walk....I’m NOT BLUFFing Teal....just trying to be resPecfulky COVErt! ( he may wear a dress and drive a PONTIAC soLSTACE...however when I met him twice he wasn’t Good WILL hunting! Currently he is BANKING on the lack of “the Real Slim Shady”;(TRYING to please stand up ,please stand up...) tomorrows forecast for the CA Coastal valley of San Luis Obispo ... ... Breezee Enwarm ?? plea
  17. stace

    Star Wars

    Woooooow.....don’t I feel like crap now.....I had a Yoda Pez dispenser that I tossed recently in my “attempt “ to declutter the archetypes in my bathroom drawer. ?, ???
  18. stace

    Teal's Hair Secrets

    ? see’n your “17yr old Teal “ ! ??? ? 4 sharing! Epic. ?! ?, ???
  19. stace

    Non Commitment

    Welcome Home. o.? ........ ......where can I get information on “Headway”? mahalo?, ???
  20. stace

    Cover Emotions

    Frission THRU Spectrum. ( interpret as you please v. define as you will ) ?m???
  21. stace

    Red Beach

    ( my house is a mess...however safety and gratitude are forth coming....)
  22. stace

    Narcissistic Service

    Girl, THIS in of itself is WHY you are a “rock star” no no....why you are ARCTURIAN! ?,stace ???
  23. stace

    Maui & The Gaia Vortex

    Ok. So Teal.....what if this “cycle” of impregnating or creation is NOT that of like your i.e. you used ( Air) but an energy that is pretty close to being a polar oppposite of that which you ARE......? in this ,actually my ,case the energies that are not just imbued on a physical , energetic & to be honest with you , an invasive one for propagation....they are so diametrically 180 degrees from what I know to be a natural “form” of creation, I almost consider this ‘ritual practice”( that of which ive been inadated with on a horrendous level the past DECADE ) one of the likes of a
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